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Tournament and Event Schedule

Queens Chess Club Calendar

December 3rd, 10th
December G/45 Swiss
4-SS, G/45;d5. EF: $35, $25 for QCC members, 1st=$150, 2nd=$75, other prizes per entries. Two 1/2 pt byes permitted which must be requested before Round 3. Rounds start at 7:30PM and 9:15PM each Friday.

December 17th
December G/30 Quads
3-RR, G/30 d5. EF: $25, $20 for QCC members. $60 for 1st in each quad. Rd. 1 begins at 7:30 PM.

Please enter by filling out a “Contact Us” form at and provide your email and a note requesting entry.

A player who doesn’t request a bye and fails to appear will be charged with a forfeit loss and a $5 fine.  The fine will be increased on players who repeatedly fail to notify in advance.  Remember that a forfeit by you deprives another player of a game.

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