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Queens November Swiss

by on September 11, 2021

October 29, November 4, 11, 18


4-SS, G/90 d5.  EF: $35, $25 for QCC members,  1st=$150, 2nd=$75, other prizes per entries. Two 1/2 pt byes permitted which must be requested before Round 3.  No player may receive more than 1 point in byes including full-point byes.  Entries limited to 30 players.  Rounds start at 7:30PM each Friday.

Due to continuing COVID concerns we are using the following precautions:
1. A face mask should be worn but is optional for vaccinated players.
2. Entry will be via PayPal only.  See below for instructions on entering.
3. No spectators will be permitted. One parent may accompany a minor.
4. The Club will not provide boards, sets, clocks or refreshments.  Players must bring their own equipment.
5. Hand Sanitizer will be available and should be used.
6. Please refrain from shaking hands at the start and end of games.

Please enter by filling out a "Contact Us" form at and provide your email and a note requesting entry.  The first 30 Contact Forms received will be sent a PayPal invoice.

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