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Queens Chess Club Zoom Meeting held on 2020-10-02

by on October 4, 2020

On Friday, October 2nd 2020, we held a short virtual meeting on Zoom. I’m happy to report that everyone who attended seemed healthy.

Here were the attendees in random order:
Ryan Lee
Hua family
Clay Glad
Ken Sasmor
Joe Felber
Jay Kleinman
George Dippel
Mikhail Mordukhay
William Chacon
Jonathan Phanstiel
Brian Lawson

It was good to check in with old friends. We discussed the club reopening in the future and the limitations imposed by NYC COVID rules and common sense. Due to the close proximity to each other by the nature of the game, we plan to remain closed until further notice due to safety concerns. Like all of you, we hope for a quick and safe vaccine or the virus becoming dormant naturally.

If you are a member and did not receive an email link to this event it is because I do not have your current email address. If so, please use the contact form on the website to send it to me.

Take care, stay safe and get ready for better days.

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