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18th Queens Team Championship (April 6-27, 2018)

by on April 3, 2018

18th Queens Team Championship (April 6-27, 2018)

Win two prizes (or even three)!

You need a partner and your ratings must average less than 2000 (if you need one, we can help you find one (use the contact information below)).

This is a 4 round tournament at a time control of game in two hours (with a 5 second delay) paired by match point score (Two wins or a win and a draw is a match win, two draws or a win and a loss is a drawn match).

With 10 paid teams the prizes are $100 and $50 to the top two teams and $60 each to the top team averaging under 1700, top all female or mixed doubles (one female, one male (a new prize!)) and top scoring player on Board 1 and Board 2. The prizes are raised or lowered according to the number of paid teams (we have had 11-16 paid teams each year, so 16 teams would make the prizes $160-$80 and four of $96 each).

There is no consultation on draw offers, but teams will be seated on the same side of the table with the clocks facing inward, so you can assess your partner’s position and time situation without speaking to each other).

Entry fee is $35, $25 to Queens Chess Club members. $3 off all USCF memberships collected, so bring back a lapsed member!

If your team must miss one week, one half point team bye is allowed.


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