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QCC Winter G/45 Results

by on February 11, 2018

Jay Bonin accepts the Herrstrom Gambit (1Nf3 g5) in the final round of the February G/45 and completes a 4-0 sweep. In Jay’s words, “If I don’t take on g5, why did I play Nf3?” Still, he has new respect for the opening and commended his opponent for playing it very well. (Jay offered a draw at one point.)

Nearly half of the field took home cash this tournament. Here are the prizewinners:

1st: Jay Bonin (4) $150

2nd/3rd: Ed Kopiecki, Joe Felber, Brian Lawson, Edgar Cimafranca (3) $37.50 each

Under 1700: Guy Rawlins, Suriyan Nathan, Hantian Ying (2) $16.66 each.

Thanks to all who played!


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