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Farewell to Queens, but not to Chess (by Ed Frumkin)

by on December 19, 2017

Farewell to Queens, but not to Chess

As many of you are aware, on Monday December 11 after the finish of my game at the Nassau Chess Club I suffered a particularly disturbing vasovagal syncope episode (fainting spell), followed by a five hour stay at Winthrop Hospital. I have experienced these incidents occasionally since my teens, but this was my second in less than three weeks. My wife of 32½ years has been a bit freaked out by these misadventures, especially this latest one, so I will confine my future chess to Manhattan, where at least she will be able to get to me if I have another one (she was so positive I wouldn’t be released from the hospital that she put the chain on, so when I got home at 6 am, I had to ring the bell for twenty minutes to wake her up ).

Rest assured that our club is in good hands under Joe Felber, Jay Kleinman and Brian Lawson. We purchased the SwisSys pairing program about a year and half ago and have been trying it out. Jay and Joe will use it as much as they choose to, and I will be available for whatever advice they might request. As I will turn 70 shortly, we had already anticipated that I wouldn’t be making the Friday trek to Queens forever.

I have enjoyed my 31½ years at QCC, which started when I spotted a Chess Life ad for a tournament within walking distance of my Flushing apartment. Then President Julius Kador was especially happy to shed directing duties and continued playing into his 80s (he was my partner in our initial 2 player team event in 2001), something I hope to duplicate (he lived to nearly 100). I was at QCC at three different locations and if we can find a site with a second room at a reasonable price, that would be great (we looked into Queens College 5½ years ago, but the price was way too high, even with the father of two of our members on staff).

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Marshall Chess Club and at other Manhattan chess events (Empire City Open December 28-30). The twenty minute walk across town is just the warmup I need for a game. Hopefully I’ll be able to wangle (wrangle?) the occasional exemption from my travel restrictions to attend a Mets game or two.

Thank you again for your continuous support of our club!

Ed Frumkin

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