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Three Way Tie at 17th Queens Team Championship (May 5-26)

by on June 7, 2017

This year we had 12 paid teams of two players with ratings averaging under 2000, raising the projected prize fund by 20%. The top six rated teams averaged over 1900, creating many tense matches. The top rated team was the Double Checks of Bill Arluck (2039) and Ira Cohen (1897) averaging 1968, bringing back their shirts of yesteryear after not being a rating fit in 2016. The Benighted Knights (1943.5) of Ed Kopiecki (2039) and Ken Sasmor (1848), co-champions two years ago were seeded fifth. Dorothy Teasley (2053) and Steve Mitlitzky (1866) returned after a few years’ hiatus to be ranked second at 1959.5. Club vice president Joe Felber (2000)’s co-championship teammate from 2016, club secretary Jay Kleinman, was unavailable due to Little League coaching conflicts, so Joe recruited Al Casanova (1889) to come in at 1944.5 as fourth seed. Club president Ed Frumkin (2015) lost last year’s partner Ira back to Bill, so he recruited former JFK coworker and occasional tournament roommate Dave Spigel (1900 – 1957.5 for third seed) and the former G-men became Club Fed after a palm tree tee shirt Ed purchased in 1990 at the government training center in Georgia. Guy Rawlins (1584) and Jim Sirotnik (1624 – 1604 average) returned as the Unstoppable Knights and defending U1700 champs but switched boards after Jim’s 3-1 result in 2016. M to the 4th (Mulazim (Doc) Muwwakkil (1854) and Mikhail Mordukhay (1514)) came in at 1684 this time to challenge the second team of Knights for the U1700. Edgar Cimafranca (1936) and George Dippel (1877 – average 1906.5) teamed up after partnering with different players in 2016. Charles Hua (1907) partnered with younger brother Oliver (1113 – average 1510) and Philip Mathew (1300) brought back son Benjamin Philip (1823) after a five year hiatus as Ben’s Gambit (If you are confused by the names, Christians from India often use their father’s first name as their surname and those names are often those of biblical figures). Club webmaster Brian Lawson (2077) teamed with Clayton Glad (1619 – average 1848) to head the bottom half of the draw. A team of newcomers (David Granik (1882) and Paul Munson (1632 –average 1759) texted the club from two blocks away 15 minutes before the start time to become the twelfth team (Tarrasch Compactors). Frank (1500) and Paul Drazil (897) were available as the house team. Teasley-Mitlitzky locked in a team bye for Round 3 while Philip-Mathew did the same for Round 4, indicating that the house team would probably get to play twice.

As a result of somehow adding ratings incorrectly and omitting the Unstoppable Knights from the first pairing sheet and then inserting them above M to the 4th instead of below them, the first round pairings were Lawson-Glad (7) vs. Arluck-Cohen (1), Teasley-Mitlitzky (2) vs. Granik-Munson (8), Sirotnik-Rawlins (10) vs. Frumkin-Spigel (3), Kopiecki-Sasmor (5) vs. Hua-Hua (12), Philip-Mathew (11) vs. Felber-Casanova (4) and Cimafranca-Dippel (6) vs. Muwwakkil-Mordukhay (9) (In each case the team mentioned first had White on Board 1 and Black on Board 2). The pecking order was corrected the following week. The first four matches above ended in sweeps while Mordukhay drew Dippel and Cimafranca beat Muwwakkil for a 1½-½ match win while Ben Philip beat Felber in his first rated game in five years to draw the match while Al Casanova beat Ben’s dad.

Round 2 pairings were Arluck-Cohen vs. Kopiecki-Sasmor, Frumkin-Spigel vs. Teasley-Mitlitzky, Felber-Casanova vs. Cimafranca-Dippel, Granik-Munson vs. Philip-Mathew, Hua-Hua vs. Lawson-Glad and Muwwakkil-Mordukhay vs. Sirotnik-Rawlins. Arluck and Sasmor won their games on Table 1 for a drawn match. Frumkin beat Teasley while Mitlitzky and Spigel drew to put Club Fed at 2-0. Felber drew with Cimafranca while Casanova beat Dippel to lift Casanova’s Kings to 1½ while Ben Philip won a second time while his dad lost for yet another drawn match. The Lawson-Glad and Muwwakkil-Mordukhay teams each swept their matches, leaving Frumkin-Spigel at 2-0, Arluck-Cohen, Felber-Casanova and Kopiecki-Sasmor at 1½-½, Teasley-Mitlitzky, Cimafranca-Dippel, Lawson-Glad, Muwwakkil-Mordukhay, and Philip-Mathew at 1-1, Granik-Munson at ½-1½, and Sirotnik-Rawlins and Hua-Hua both at 0-2 with the Drazils ready to jump in while Teasley-Mitlitzky took their bye.

Round 3 ended the Frumkin-Spigel dream of a perfect match record as they were bageled by Arluck-Cohen (Arluck now led on Board 1 with 3-0). Kopiecki-Sasmor vs. Felber-Casanova was yet another drawn match as Kopiecki and Casanova both won (Casanova was now 3-0 on Board 2). Cimafranca-Dippel vs. Philip-Mathew ended Ben Philip’s winning streak while dad Philip Mathew drew with Dippel. Lawson-Glad swept Muwwakkil-Mordukhay and Granik-Munson swept Sirotnik-Rawlins. The Hua brothers swept the father and son Drazil team (Czechmates). Going into the final round the leaderboard showed Arluck-Cohen at 2½, Frumkin-Spigel, Felber-Casanova, Kopiecki-Sasmor, Cimafranca-Dippel and Lawson-Glad at 2-1, Teasley- Mitlitzky and Granik-Munson at 1½-1½ (having met in Round 1, both would be paired to 1-2 teams), Muwwakkil-Mordukhay, Philip-Mathew (Round 4 bye, in case you forgot) and Hua-Hua at 1-2, with Sirotnik-Rawlins at 0-3 and the Drazils at 0-1. The day before Round 4 Paul Munson informed me that he wouldn’t be able to make it but after two attempts to find a sub, I had to drop their team out (the logical sub, Long Hua, would have been inappropriate as his opponent would have been son Oliver, whose team was in a three way fight for the U1700 team prize).

Round 4 pairings were Felber-Casanova vs. Arluck-Cohen, Frumkin-Spigel vs. Cimafranca- Dippel, Kopiecki-Sasmor vs. Lawson-Glad (a toss for Board 1 colors since the team score and color sequences were identical), Muwwakkil-Mordukhay vs. Teasley-Mitlitzky, and Hua-Hua vs. Sirotnik-Rawlins. Felber drew with Arluck while Casanova beat Cohen, Frumkin beat Cimafranca while Dippel and Spigel drew, Kopiecki beat Lawson while Glad and Sasmor drew, Teasley and Mitlitzky swept and Sirotnik drew Charles Hua while Rawlins beat Oliver. As a result the Frumkin-Spigel, Felber-Casanova and Kopiecki-Sasmor teams split the $120 and $60 prizes for the top 2 teams with 3-1 match scores to give each team $60 while the Philip-Mathew team won the U1700 prize of $72 while they sat out while their competition lost their matches. Bill Arluck was top scoring Board 1 with 3½-½, playing every other expert but one, while Al Casanova went 4-0 on Board 2. Strangely enough, Joe Felber’s teammate from last year, Jay Kleinman, also went 4-0 (coincidence?).

Ed Frumkin directed and reported.

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