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2017 Queens Chess Club Calendar – Revised

by on January 15, 2017

2017 Queens Chess Club Calendar

January 20-February 10 2017 Queens Winter Open. 4-SS, EF $30, QCC $25, two byes ok

February 17 2017 88th Queens Speedy Open, 4-SS G15 (G12 d3), EF $20, QCC $15, rds 7:45-8:30-9:15-10:00, quick-rated, regular ratings used for pairings and prizes

February 24-March 10 2017 Queens Spring Soccer G45, 6-SS, scoring for pairings and prizes: 3 points for win, 1 for draw or bye, two byes ok

March 17-April 7 2017 Queens Spring Open, 4-SS, EF $30, QCC $25, two byes ok

April 14 Good Friday, club closed

April 21-April 28 2017 Queens April G45, 4-SS, EF $30, QCC $25, two byes ok, rds at 7:45 and 9:30

May 5-May 26 2017 17th Queens Team Championship

4-SS, G/120 (G115 d5). All Saints Lutheran Church, 164-02 Goethals Ave, Jamaica NY 11432. Open to two player teams with April ratings averaging under 2000. $100-$50 to top 2 teams, $60 each to top U1700 team, top scorer Board 1, top scorer Board 2 (based on 10 paid teams (prizes raised/lowered proportionally)). One ½ point team bye permitted, which must be requested at entry. If one player on team is unavailable, replacement player must be rated lower and occupy board of player replaced. EF $35 per player, $25 QCC members. Reg: 7:00-7:30 pm. Rds 7:45 each Friday.

June 2-June 30 2017 Danny Kopec Memorial GP 5-SS, EF $40, QCC $35, $250-$150-$100, more per entries, two byes ok

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