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Queens Chess Club Officers Top 16th Queens Team Championship (May 6-27)

by on June 16, 2016

Queens Chess Club Officers Top 16th Queens Team Championship (May 6-27)

Once again our annual two player event drew 11 paid teams and a house team with the ratings limited to an average of under 2000. Returning teams with the same composition as in 2015 were the Benighted Knights (Ed Kopiecki (2106) and Ken Sasmor (1866): 1986), the Pillsbury Attackers (Dick Murphy (1927) and Tony Lorenzo (1804): 1865.5 (name change)), M to the 4th (Mulazim (Doc) Muwwakkil (1926) and Mikhail Mordukhay (1610): 1768) and the Unstoppable Knights (Guy Rawlins (1642) and Jim Sirotnik (1531): 1586.5). Other players from the previous years changed partners, yielding Billy and the Kid (Bill Arluck (2117) and Charles Hua (1830): 1973.5), Winning Combination (Ed Frumkin (club president, 2000) and Ira Cohen (1900): 1950, the only pair with team shirts), JJ & Jay (Joe Felber (club vice president/treasurer, 2000) and Jay Kleinman (club secretary, 1858: 1929). Other participants from 2015 who brought in new partners were Edgar Cimafranca (2034) with Rito Ilao (1676): 1855 as Ed-grr, Jon Phanstiel (1729) with Pavel Genkin (1955): 1842 as the Queens Crusaders, and Philip Mathew (1450) with Suriyan Nathan (1560): 1505 as the Eastern Stars. An all new team was Parhami, Dippel and Mate (Payam Parhami (2195) and George Dippel (1763): 1979 (the latter is an attorney)). The house team was composed of Long Hua (1325, father of Charles) and Marcus Francis (1129): 1227. The prize fund was raised 10% to $110-$55 to the top 2 teams and $66 each to the top U1700 team and top scorer on Board 1 and Board 2.

Round 1 pairings were Benighted Knights vs. Ed-grr, Queens Crusaders vs. Parhami, Dippel and Mate, Billy and the Kid vs. M to the 4th, Unstoppable Knights vs. Winning Combination, JJ & Jay vs. the Eastern Stars and the Housemen vs. the Pillsbury Attackers, with the first team in the pairing having White on Board 1 and Black on Board 2. Ed-grr used substitute Frank Drazil (1539) and he was beating Sasmor rather convincingly, which caused Ed to pass up a forced perpetual in an attempt to win his game and draw the match. Ed lost and Ken got a miracle draw, still losing the match. Genkin won nicely against Parhami in only the latter’s second loss in 2016, but Dippel beat Phanstiel to draw the match. Arluck beat Doc and Mikhail drew with Charles. Frumkin blundered an exchange to Rawlins and struggled on for another 50 plus moves before succumbing but Ira tried to win a drawn position to tie the match and lost as well. Felber was fortunate to salvage a draw against Nathan but Kleinman beat Mathew to take the match. Murphy and Lorenzo won (predictably) against the house team.

Round 2 pairings were Pillsbury Attackers vs. Billy and the Kid, Ed-grr vs. JJ & Jay, Parhami, Dippel and Mate (1/2) vs. Unstoppable Knights, Winning Combination (0) vs. Queens Crusaders (1/2), Eastern Stars vs. Benighted Knights and M to the 4th vs. the Housemen. Murphy beat Arluck and Charles Hua drew Lorenzo. Kleinman beat Ilao while Cimafranca and Felber drew. Parhami beat Rawlins but Clay Glad (1625, subbing for Dippel) lost to Sirotnik for a second drawn match for PD&M. Frumkin drew with Genkin and Cohen lost to Phanstiel. Kopiecki and Sasmor swept Nathan and Mathew, as did Muwwakkil and Mordukhay over Long Hua and Francis.

Round 3 pairings were JJ & Jay vs. Pillsbury Attackers (both 2-0), Queens Crusaders vs. Unstoppable Knights (both 1½-½), Benighted Knights vs. Parhami, Dippel and Mate, Billy and the Kid vs. Ed-grr (all 1-1), Winning Combination (0-2) vs. M to the 4th (1-1) and Housemen vs. Eastern Stars (both 0-2). Kleinman beat Lorenzo while Felber and Murphy drew, a pattern for all three of JJ & Jay’s matches to that point. Genkin beat Rawlins and Sirotnik beat Phanstiel for yet another drawn match. Parhami beat Kopiecki while Dippel and Sasmor drew. Arluck beat Cimafranca while Ilao beat Charles Hua for yet another drawn match. Frumkin lost to Muwwakkil while Cohen was fortunate to draw with Mordukhay after blundering a full piece early on. Nathan and Mathew swept Long Hua and Francis.

Going into the last round JJ & Jay had already wrapped up at least a tie for first with a 3-0 score while five teams were at 2-1. The two teams at 1½-1½ had just played and had to be dropped to the two teams at 1-2. At 2-1 the Unstoppable Knights had clinched at least a split of the U1700 prize ahead of the Eastern Stars (1-2). Murphy and Genkin were leading for the Board 1 prize with 2½-½ with Parhami, Arluck and Muwwakkil on their heels at 2-1. Kleinman and Sirotnik both were at 3-0, with Sasmor and Mordukhay at 2-1. Your writer’s joking remark to Kleinman about having to carry Felber for the whole tournament was inevitable in view of a substantial size difference.

Last round pairings were PD&M vs. JJ & Jay with the latter having draw odds, Unstoppable Knights vs. Pillsbury Attackers, M to the 4th vs. Queens Crusaders, Benighted Knights vs. Billy & the Kid, Ed-grr vs. Eastern Stars and Housemen vs. Winning Combination. Table 1 nearly was a mirror image of JJ & Jay’s first three matches as Kleinman won again, but Felber missed his draw this time, tying the match. Murphy and Lorenzo swept, but Sirotnik probably missed a win in the ending which would have also won him a piece of the Board 2 prize. Muwwakkil beat Genkin and Phanstiel beat Mordukhay for another drawn match, giving second place to the Pillsbury Attackers at 3-1. The Unstoppable Knights won the U1700 prize when Ed-grr swept the Eastern Stars. The Benighted Knights sept Billy and the Kid. On the last table off-form Ira Cohen passed up the match for the Mets game and Ana Bottazzi (1055) replaced him and beat Francis as part of a much too late sweep by the clearly misnamed Winning Combination.

JJ & Jay finished first at 3½ with the Pillsbury Attackers clear second at 3-1, outscoring the former 6 to

5½ in game points. Murphy won the Board 1 prize with 3½ (he went 4-0 on Board 1 the year before!) and Kleinman’s 4-0 took the Board 2 prize.

Ed Frumkin directed for QCC.


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