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IM Dr. Danny Kopec lecture at the club next week

by on March 25, 2016

A reminder that IM Danny Kopec is scheduled to give a lecture at the QCC On Friday, April 1, 2016.

The lecture will be composed of games from the 2015 QCC Championship and some games from the 2nd Walter Browne book which he is completing.

Dr. Kopec will sell combinations of his Video “History of the World Chess Championship: from Morphy to Carlsen” and a QCC Scorebook for $35 (the Video runs for 4.5 hours and costs $40 normally. All proceeds for the Scorebook go to the Club).

The lecture is free for club members so please support the effort by buying the DVD/scorebook combination at a discount.

Dr. Kopec is also running an Adult Chess Camp this summer (July 11-15) with GM Lubomir Ftacnik from Slovakia at The Four Chimneys Inn in Bennington, VT.
Visit for details. Registration is limited to 18 adults.

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