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Pairings for 2015 QCC Championship Round 2

by on October 13, 2015
Because of the 9 decisive games (4 draws), only one game was won by White, the color problems are severe in both the 1-0 and 0-1 groups.
Rule 29E4a gives the priority to the higher-ranked player in color allocation in the plus (1-0) and even (1/2-1/2) score groups and to the lower-ranked player in minus score groups (0-1).  Since there are three such conflicts in both the 1-0 and 0-1 groups, I also invoke Rule 29#4b, alternating priority.  Therefore on Board 1 Bonin gets White, on Board 3 Parhami does not get White and on Board 4 Simonaitis does get White.  On the bottom four boards Muwwakkil (lower-ranked) gets Black, Ilao doesn’t, and Francis does.

These pairings are extremely tentative:

Board 1: Bonin (2423) White vs. Lawson (2008) Black
Board 2: Murphy (1972) White vs. Kopec (2346) Black
Board 3: Sasmor (1910) White vs. Parhami (2144) Black
Board 4: Simonaitis (2025) White vs. C. Hua (1807) Black
Board 5: Long Hua (1255) White vs. Bill Arluck (2136) Black
Board 6: James Sirotnik (1542) White vs. Joe Felber (2000) Black
Board 7: Edgar Cimafranca (1986) White vs. Frank Drazil (1537) Black
Board 8: Clayton Glad (1623) White vs. Adrian Relingado (1976) Black
Board 9: Jay Kleinman (1858) White vs. Guy Rawlins (1618) Black
Board 10: Jonathan Phanstiel (1683) White vs.Paul Drazil (735) Black
Board 11: Edward Frumkin (2013) White vs. Mulazim Muwwakkil (1843) Black
Board 12: Rito Ilao (1624) White vs. Edward Kopiecki (1900) Black
Board 13: George Dippel (1873) White vs. Philip Mathew (1332) Black
Board 14: Ira Cohen (1860) White vs. Marcus Francis (1216) Black
If an odd number of additional players join, house player Long Hua would not be paired and Bill Arluck would rejoin the 1/2-1/2 pairing group.

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