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Pairings for 10/10/2014

by on October 7, 2014

Please remember that players can request byes for Rd 2 or enter with a Rd 1 bye up until the last minute.  If you are reading this on the website and want to enter, please contact Ed Frumkin  or Joe Felber ASAP.

Bd 1 Bonin-Felber, Bd 2 Parhami-Teasley, Bd 3 Murphy-Kopiecki, Bd 4 Lawson-Cimafranca, Bd 5 Kleinman-Frumkin

Rd 2 byes Muwwakkil & Hardin

As the number of players entering with a Rd 1 bye is unknown (so far W Arluck & F Drazil, hopefully several more), the 0-1 group has two possible pairings, depending on whether there is an odd number of players (in which case house player Paul Drazil will play) or an even number.   In either case David Chan will be paired with the highest-rated incoming player. but the colors will be determined by the size of the 1/2 point group.

Odd # (Paul Drazil plays): lowest-rated 1/2 has White vs. Guevara, Pamboukes-M Franklyn, Roti-Glad, Denig-Mathew, Francis-Rawlins, Sirotnik-P Drazil

Even #: Sirotnik-Guevara, Pamboukes-M Franklyn, Roti-Glad, Denig-Mathew, Francis-Rawlins


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