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“Islanders” Successfully Invade 14th Queens Team Championship

by on May 31, 2014


“Islanders” Successfully Invade 14th Queens Team Championship


Ironically, our flyer for this year’s event pointed out that no team had ever achieved a 4-0 match score. Brian Karen (2053) and Frank Paciulli (1936) from the Nassau Chess Club took care of that from the #2 seed (average rating 1994½) behind Ed-grr!! (1995½: Ed Frumkin (2015) and Edgar Cimafranca (1976), trying for a three-peat). We thought we were starting with 13 teams plus a house team, but half of the house team forgot to show, but one perpetual contender’s 2nd board finally called his partner to say he wouldn’t make it that night, either. As a result we started with 12 teams, but an addition error paired #1 with #6 instead of #7. The six matches ended in three draws and three decisions, with the only sweep being #4 Double Checks (Bill Arluck (2107) and Ira Cohen (1846) over M to the 4th (Mulazim Muwwakkil (1888) and Mikhail Mordukhay (1629)). #2 Islanders won on Board 1 and drew on Board 2 vs. #8 Brooklyn 64 (Pavel Genkin (1918) and Gregory Keener (1872)), while #7 Lasker’s Defense (Richard Murphy (1905) and Antonio Lorenzo (1892)) did the same against the Unstoppable Knights (Jim Sirotnik (1652) and Guy Rawlins (1618)), the only sub-1700 team, who ended up winning a prize without winning a match. Ed-grr!! and #6 Team for Two (Dorothy Teasley (2001) and Steve Mitlitzky (1886) drew both games, while # 3 Passive Aggressive (Lev Zilbermintz (2090) and Jay Kleinman (1882)) split with #9 Fogeys (Joe Felber (2019) and Frank Drazil (1564)) with Joe and Jay each winning with White and #5 Benighted Knights (Ed Kopiecki (2037) and Ken Sasmor (1883) did the same with #11 Lone Polgars (Jon Phanstiel (1771) and Paul Denig (1664)) as Ed and Paul each won with Black.


After Round 1 all three winning teams had had White on Board 1, so the #4 Double Checks again got White while #7 Lasker’s Defense was posted for Black against #1 Ed-grr!!   After the pairings were posted Ed-grr!! Board 2 Cimafranca notified Board 1 Frumkin that he had forgotten he couldn’t play in Round 2 (he also had to miss Round 4 two years back). After failing to find a suitably strong replacement, Frumkin opted for a team bye for the round and repaired Team #7 with #3. We attempted to re-recruit the team whose Board 2 missed week one, but found he was still unavailable. Yet another player inquired about whether he and a partner could join us in Round 2 and we said sure, but pointed out the difficulty that said (wheelchair-bound) player would have negotiating the stairs to the church basement and we never heard back. The house team was intact this time and got to play. The Islanders swept the Double Checks and Passive Aggressive swept Lasker’s Defense, despite Zilbermintz getting a horrible position in the first half dozen moves. The Lone Polgars surprisingly swept Team for Two and the Fogeys drew another match, this time with the Benighted Knights as Felber beat Kopiecki while Sasmor beat Frank Drazil. Brooklyn 64 swept the Unstoppable Knights, who had trouble living up to their moniker. M to the 4th swept the Housemen (Marcus Francis (1161) and Paul Drazil (684)) as expected. After two weeks the match scores were 2-0 for the Islanders, 1½ for Passive Aggressive and the Lone Polgars and 1 for a small army of teams (Ed-grr!!, Double Checks, Benighted Knights, Lasker’s Defense, Brooklyn 64, Fogeys and M to the 4th).


Round 3 saw the #2 Islanders paired with the #3 Passive Aggressive and the surprising #11 Lone Polgars with #1 Ed-grr!!, Fogeys with Double Checks, Brooklyn 64 with the Benighted Knights, Lasker’s Defense with M to the 4th, and the Unstoppable Knights with Team for Two. The Islanders won again behind a Brian Karen win and a draw on second board, while Ed-grr!! swept. The Double Checks beat the Fogeys 1½-½ as Felber could only draw, despite being up a pawn while the Benighted Knights and Brooklyn 64 split the match point as Pavel Genkin finally beat Kopiecki on his 5th try. Lasker’s Defense took M to the 4th 1½-½ as Murphy and Muwwakkil drew a messy-looking position. Team for Two swept the Unstoppable Knights.


With one round to go the Islanders were at 3-0, Ed-grr!!, the Double Checks and Lasker’s Defense at 2-1, with Passive Aggressive, Benighted Knights, Team for Two, Brooklyn 64 and Lone Polgars at 1½-1½. Lasker’s Defense was committed to a bye to play in the Lake George tournament (a concession to the spouses, no doubt). Although Passive Aggressive vs. the Double Checks was the theoretically correct pairing, the Lone Polgars had already played all the other 1½ s but Brooklyn 64, so the Benighted Knights were switched with Passive Aggressive, only a 26 point transposition and Passive Aggressive could be and was paired with the Lone Polgars. The Board prize leaders were Brian Karen (3-0), Joe Felber (2½) and Ed Frumkin and Pavel Genkin (2) on Board 1 and Jay Kleinman (2½) and Edgar Cimafranca, Frank Paciulli, Ira Cohen, Ken Sasmor and Paul Denig (all 2-1) on Board 2. Several of these contenders would be going head to head.


The Islanders took yet another match with a 1½-½ score as Frank Paciulli hammered Edgar while Frumkin turned an edge into a dead drawn Rook ending, also giving Brian Karen the Board 1 prize with 3½ as Felber had already drawn with Muwwakkil.   Passive Aggressive and the Benighted Knights won their matches to match Lasker’s Defense at a 2½-1½ match score to split 2nd place overall. Kleinman drew with Denig to match Paciulli’s 3-1 score on Board 2 while Cohen and Sasmor drew when the winner would have shared the board prize.


Islanders 4-0 $120 first team, Passive Aggressive, Benighted Knights and Lasker’s Defense 2½-1½ split of $60 second team, Unstoppable Knights $72 top U1700 team, Brian Karen 3½-½ $72 top Board 1 score, Frank Paciulli and Jay Kleinman 3-1, $36 each split of top Board 2 score. Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed for the Queens Chess Club.

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