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Coming Attractions at the Queens Chess Club – April 25-May 16, 2014 – 14th Queens Team Championship

by on March 15, 2014

Coming Attractions at the Queens Chess Club


April 25-May 16, 2014                          14th Queens Team Championship


4-SS, G/120, 2 player teams – ratings must average under 2000 (April 2014 ratings will be used – available online at around March 22), $$ based on 10 teams (13 last year) $100-$50 to top 2 teams, $60 each top U1700 team, top Board 1, top Board 2.  Prizes raised or lowered based on number of paid teams.  One ½ point team bye allowed.  If only one player needs a bye, replacement must have same or lower rating and must play on Board # of player replaced.  EF $35 per player, $25 QCC member; teams formed at site if you don’t have a partner chosen beforehand.  Registration 7:30-8:00; Rounds 8:15 each Friday.


Pairings are based on match score (two wins or one win & one draw=match win, win & loss or two draws=drawn match, etc.)


                                                               Recent Winners

2013                                      “Ed-grr!” (Frumkin-Cimafranca) 3½-½ (13 teams)

2012                                      “Ed-grr!” (Frumkin-Cimafranca) 3½-½ (12 teams)

2011                           4 way tie “Two Eds > 1”(Frumkin-Kopiecki, “Solid Aggression”

(W Arluck-Cravotta), “Riddell Me This” (J Riddell-C Riddell), “Young &                                                     Dangerous” (N Ryba-Moy), all 3-1 (14 teams)

2010                                   “In Crowd” (Frumkin-Drobbin) and “Stars of India”

                                             (Swaminathan-Sigamoney), 3-1 (13 teams)

2009                                 “Hungry Bishops” (Frumkin-Drobbin) and “Philidor’s Legacy”

                                             (Felber-W Arluck) 3½-½ (14 teams)

2008                                   “No Names” (A Ryba-N Ryba) 3½-½ (13 teams)   

2007                         “Capablanca’s Machine” (R Murphy-Lorenzo) and “Ken Rooney’s

                                          Team Win?” (Simonaitis-K Schemitz) 3½-½ (13 teams)                                                                 

2006                             “Keresmatic Combo” (Frumkin-Simonaitis), “Prognosis:

Terminal” (Guevara-Muwwakkil), “The Greatest Name” (Drobbin-A Ryba) & “Morphy’s Mate” (R Murphy-Lorenzo), all 2½-1½ (10 teams)


This is the only tournament in which you can win TWO prizes (individual and team), so don’t miss it !!!


For further information, contact Ed Frumkin at  We are located at All Saints Lutheran Church, 164-02 Goethals Ave in Jamaica (down the street from St. Johns University) on the Q65 bus line.  Rounds begin at 8:15; register by 8:00.



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