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85th Queens CC Speedy Open Held On 01/10/ 2014 — As Result of Prior Snowstorm

by on January 19, 2014

85th Queens CC Speedy Open Held On 01/10/ 2014 — As Result of Prior Snowstorm

On 01/10/2014, the 85th QCC Speedy Open was held at the Club playing site, at

All Saints Lutheran Church in Jamaica.  We were compelled to change our original tournament schedule (which called for a 4-SS Game 45 event over two Fridays), because of the blizzard in the area on 01/03/2014.

Possibly because of rain (or confusion about our playing schedule after the blizzard?), only six competitors showed up for the 4-SS, Game 15 event.

With a Quick rating of 2379, International Master Jay Bonin took the $35 first prize with a score of 3.5 out of four. Club VP/ Treasurer Joe Felber (Quick rating of 1800) “nicked” him for a draw in Round One.

Finishing with a score of 2.5 out of four, Club President and Chief TD Ed Frumkin (Quick rating of 1894) won the $20 second prize.

The other participants were Bill Arluck (Quick rating of 1994), and Frank and Paul Drazil (with Quick ratings of 1477 and 785, respectively).

The writer notes that the entry fee was a modest $15, and also that it seemed that the six players present had good fighting spirits (and enjoyed themselves) in the small event.

So – please look for a few additional Speedy Opens, in 2014 and 2015.

The next event at the Club will be The Winter Open (also published in CHESS LIFE), which will held from 01/17/2014 thru 02/07/2014.  The new Club time control there will be Game/90 and the entry fee will be $35, and $30 for those entrants who are Queens Chess Club Members.

Please also note that the Club will be closed on Friday, February 14 (as a number of QCC players will be en route to the annual US Amateur Team East event, in Parsippany, NJ), which begins the next day.

As usual, the event was directed by Ed Frumkin, with assistance from Joe Felber.

(End of Report — Report by VP/ Treasurer Joe Felber)

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