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Queens Chess Club Championship starts October 11th

by on October 6, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Queens Chess Club Championship!!

The time control is game in 2 hours.  Because this tournament is FIDE-rated, we do not reduce the control in minutes by the number of seconds of time delay, so with a delay clock the control is still game in 2 hours (or 120 minutes, depending on what clock you have), with a five second time delay.  A delay clock is preferred.  Please bring sets and clocks.

Our normal seating arrangement is to face all clocks toward the center aisle.  The TD needs to be able to see the clock.

We no longer enforce Rule 14H, which allows a player in time pressure in a game without time delay to request a delay clock, claiming no losing chances.  We no longer allow this because our directors are also participating as players.  If a game starts at 8:15 with an analog clock, that clock will not be replaced or exchanged unless it dies during the game (and even so, will be replaced with the same type of clock if possible).  We recommend that you be on time.  If either player has fewer than five minutes remaining, neither player is required to keep score any longer, but a complete score is still required to claim a threefold repetition of position, unless a TD happens to have been present for all three appearances of the position at the time of claim.

Up to three half point byes are permitted, but these must be locked in before round 4 (Nov 1).

Players with identical USCF regular ratings will be ranked in order of their FIDE ratings.

In the last round, if two players with the same score who must be paired against each other have had identical color histories, color will be decided by lot (coin flip, choose a hand, etc.)

Please mark your result on the pairing sheet as soon as your game is over.  If you want to analyze your game, you must go to another table that doesn’t have any tournament games on it, but there is still no talking permitted until all tournament games are over ( we will close within 15 minutes of the last game finishing).  We are hoping to find another site with a second room in the near future but we have been looking for over 1 year without success.

We will be using carbon score sheets and will prepare weekly bulletins to be posted online.  Please turn in your score sheets to Brian Lawson.

We will attempt to have the next round’s pairings posted by Tuesday (they will not be absolute, especially for Rounds 2-4 when new players can enter or byes taken).  Have fun and play well !!


October 11-November 22  2013 Queens Chess Club Championship, 7-SS G/120, $55 advance, $60 at site, $900 gtd: $300-180-120, U2100 $108, U1800 $90, U1500 $72,

Biggest upset $30, 3 byes ok (request before Rd 4).  FIDE rated.  QCC   membership required ($25/6 mos, $20 under 19, 65 or over, female)


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