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2012 Club Championship – IM Bonin Reclaims QCC Champion’s Title

by on November 23, 2012

IM Bonin Reclaims QCC Champion’s Title

The Queens Chess Club’s annual championship for 2012 took place from October 5 until November 23.  If the dates sound a bit off, you’re correct: Hurricane Sandy had her effect.  We started on October 5 with 20 players and three others known to be taking Round 1 byes.  The field included six former QCC champions: IM Jay Bonin, NM Andrew Ryba, Ed Kopiecki, Joe Felber, Ed Frumkin and Edgar Cimafranca.  The only Round 1 upset was Andrew Kan (1801) holding Kopiecki (2073) to a draw on Board 3.  The cut line was rather high, with Tony Lorenzo (1846) meeting Bonin.  Round 2 gave us only three perfect scores: Bonin, 2011 champ Ryba and Bill Arluck.  Jay beat Adrian Relingado (1940), Andrew beat Ed Frumkin (2022) and Bill beat Edgar.  Joe Felber was held to a draw by Ira Cohen (1910), while Kopiecki, Kan and Zoltan Sugar (1755) all won to reach 1½-½ as Sugar beat 3rd ranked Lev Zilbermintz (2077).  New members Craig Sholl (1826) and Fred Magovern (1449) went head to head and Fred won in what ended up being the tournament’s biggest upset.  In Round 3 Bonin and Ryba drew while Bill Arluck took the lead by beating Kopiecki, the top ranked 1½.  Joe beat Sugar and Ira beat Andrew Kan to also reach 2½-½.  Frumkin was fortunate to draw with Lorenzo after failing to jump on an opening inaccuracy.  In Round 4 Jay beat Bill, Andrew Ryba beat Joe and Ira beat Edgar to create a three way tie for the lead at 3½-½.  Adrian beat Kopiecki to reach 3-1.

Round 5 was originally scheduled for November 2, but Hurricane Sandy landed a knockout punch four days earlier, leaving TDs Frumkin and Felber unable to reach the site or contact anyone.  Frumkin’s phone service returned one hour before the round was due to start and when players at the site got through, he was able to tell them the round would obviously need to be cancelled.  On the 9th the players voted to extend the event to November 16 and offer one additional bye on that date for anyone who wanted it.

We resumed on November 9 with Jay beating Ira and Andrew Ryba beating Adrian.  Some additional byes were caused by the odd-even gas rationing.  Round 6 saw the deadlock at the top broken by Jay’s win over Matthew Horwitz (2051) while Andrew Ryba was held to a draw by Bill Arluck.  Ira beat Frumkin to continue his hot streak.  Adrian beat Joe and Edgar beat Kopiecki to join Bill at 4-2.

With so many of the leaders having already played, the last round pairings were a bit odd-looking to some: Cimafranca (4)- Bonin (5½), Ryba (5)- Cohen (4½), Relingado (4)- Arluck (4), Zilbermintz (3½)- Frumkin (3½), Cruz (1762)(2½)- Bucknor (1667)(3½), Kan (2½)- Magovern (3), Kopiecki (2½)- Schachter (1668) (1½), Ruth Arluck (1158)(1½ )- Frank Drazil (1631) (1).  The players at both ends of the spectrum had mostly played the others at their own end.  You would be surprised to find that the three 3½s and one 3 could not be paired among themselves, as it turned out that the 3 (Magovern) had played all of the 3½s !!   Bonin, Ryba, Relingado, Zilbermintz, Cruz, Magovern, and Kopiecki all won, while Ruth Arluck got a no-show victory.

The prize fund of $500 (guaranteed)-$300-$200, $180 top U2100, $150 top U1800, $120 top U1500 and $50 top upset saw all prizes but 1st reduced by 40% with 24 players instead of the projected 40.  Bonin was first with 6½-½, Andrew Ryba second at 6-1 and Adrian Relingado was clear third at 5-2.  Top U2100 was split by Lev Zilbermintz and Ira Cohen at 4½-2½ ($54 each).  A funny thing happened to the U1800 prize ($90) – it was swiped by Fred Magovern’s 4-3 score, as nobody between him and 1800 had better than 3½.  That left the U1500 prize to be split among Philip Mathew (1398) and Ruth Arluck with 2½ ($36 each).  Magovern also took the $30 prize for top upset, as well as a bushel of rating points.  Relingado came out exactly 2000 post-event.    Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed for the Queens Chess Club.










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