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2011 Club Championship – Ryba dominates

by on November 26, 2011

Andrew Ryba dominates Queens CC Championship


This year’s championship was once again hindered by the loss of site for one week in the middle of the event, with the resulting stretching out of the tournament to the day after Thanksgiving, leading to many last round byes.  We had only 24 participants, the lowest total in years and the schedule helped contribute to multiple forfeits as well.  The field was strong, with two masters (many time champ IM Jay Bonin (2401) and 2009 trichampion Andrew Ryba, a newly-minted master (2201) off his strong result in the World Open’s U2200 section) and seven experts.  Unlucky Mulazim Muwwakkil (1850) missed the cut and got Black against Bonin in a round with no upsets.  Seven additional players came in for Round 2 (Round 1 conflicted with Yom Kippur).  The only real surprise was Zoltan Sugar (1747) forgetting about the round and working late, forfeiting to Carrie Goldstein (1400).  A mild upset was Joe Felber (2000) winning with Black against Ed Frumkin (2043) in a game most assumed would be drawn quickly.  Round 3 came with only three perfect scores, forcing the Ryba brothers ( 2171-rated Nicholas with White) to meet early on, with Felber drawing as White against Sam Barsky (2170), who had had a Round 1 bye.  New player Eric Bautista (1400) no-showed for a second time, this time against Marcus Francis (1286) in a theoretically favorable matchup.  Bonin had a bye to play the full schedule at the Marshall Championship, but ironically was paired there with a player who had requested a Round 1 bye.  After three rounds Bonin, the Rybas, Bill Arluck (2090) and Joe Felber all had 2½-½, but since Joe had already played the top two in the 2-1 group, Bill was dropped instead.  Bonin-N Ryba and A Ryba-Felber were wins for White, while Barsky-Arluck was forfeited by White, who falsely claimed not to know the TD’s number (he had called it the previous week to confirm that there would be no play on October 28.  After four rounds the leaders were now Bonin, Andrew Ryba and Bill Arluck with 3½-½ and Frumkin the only 3-1.  Marcus Francis had pulled off the tournament’s biggest upset when Sugar avoided an easy draw and lost (a 461 point gap).  In Round 5 Andrew beat Bonin and Frumkin beat Arluck, so Andrew’s 4½-½ led Frumkin’s 4-1.  Frank Drazil upset Muwwakkil and Francis collected another forfeit win from Barsky.  In Round 6 Andrew beat Frumkin, opening up a full point lead over his younger sibling and Bonin, who beat Brian Lawson (2041) and Arluck, respectively, to reach 4½-1½.  By now Andrew had pretty much run out of opponents and was paired down two points to Arluck in Round 7, while Bonin had committed to a bye to play at the National Congress and Nicholas was paired with Frumkin.  Nicholas and Frumkin drew quickly, so Nicholas and Bonin reached 5-2 to split 2nd and 3rd places ($250 each) while Andrew had clinched first ($500), even if he lost (he drew).  Edgar Cimfranca (1911) took the $150 U2000 prize with 4½-2½ by winning a head-to-head matchup from Ken Cruz (1750).  Philip Mathew (1467) was top U1500 ($100) with 3½-3½.


Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.



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