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Frumkin wins December Game/45 Swiss

by on December 17, 2010

We very often hold a 4- SS Game / 45 Swiss event during the month of December, inasmuch as religious holy days during the last month of the year do affect the plans of some of the players,  In addition, All Saints Lutheran Church (current site of the Queens Chess Club) sometimes gives us very short notice as to a change in schedule.  So, it seems to me that Game 45’s are easier to modify or cancel than a Game / 120 event.


In any case, the 2010 version of our December Game / 45 (held on 12/10 and 12/17) was won by Club President and Chief TD Ed Frumkin (2013), with a score of 3.5 out of four.  Ed’s only draw was against Club VP / Treasurer Joe Felber (2008) in Round 3, and Ed took home the $80 first prize for his efforts. It was my impression that Ed played in his usual solid but enterprising style,  Experts Michael Pappaceno and Nick F. Panico III were also participating in the 12- player event, but car trouble prior to Round 3 forced them to arrive too late to play that round — hence they each lost a point due to transportation problems.


Felber and Edward Kopiecki (1951) shared the $50 second prize and the $40 Under 2000 prize, with three points out of four (winning $45 each).  Frumkin defeated Kopiecki in the “battle of the Eds” in Round 4, and Ken Sasmor (1910) was able to draw Joe in Round 4 (although possiibly Ken missed a win — after Joe blundered an Exchange, by missing a Queen recapture by Ken along a rank).  Ken has steadily become stronger over the last two years or so, and I hope he reaches the Expert ranks soon!


There was also an Under 1500 Class prize, and Anthony Cadorniga (1331) and Philip Mathew (1261) split the $30 prize evenly.  I shoul note that of late, Anthony seems to me to be playing at much stronger level than his 1331 rating wouild predict.


As usual, Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed for the Queens Chess Club.


I wish to note in this report that the Queens Chess Club is in financial distress — as we have only about $78 in our Treasury.  I point this out here, because I wish to ask any regular player reading this note to check the back of his or her QCC Membership Card, for the expiration date.  We need anyone who is in arrears with his or her dues to bring them current, as quickly as possible.


Finally, please note that our next event will be a slow Game 120 Swiss, to commence on 01/07/2011 (as the Club will be closed on 12/24 and 12/31).


Happy Holidays to all readers of this report!


(End of Report —  By Club VP / Treasurer Joe Felber)


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