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2010 Club Championship

by on December 3, 2010

IMs Bonin and Kopec Share QCC Champion Title

Our 2010 Championship suffered another bout of reschedule-itis this year.  We submitted an announcement for an 8 round event from October 1 to November 19, only to have the church yank October 1 and November 12, forcing a cut to 7 rounds and an interrupted schedule of October 8-November 5 (consecutive), November 19 and December 3.  A G/15 was scheduled for November 26, but only 4 players showed, so we didn’t hold it and closed up around 10 pm.  We started on October 8 with 25 and a few known byes, so house player Paul Drazil (533) got to play.  We had the two IMs and eventually 8 experts with a total of eight players who had formerly held or shared the club champion title since 1990.  Edwin and Anthony Cadorniga returned from Brooklyn after a ten year hiatus and new player Michael Christofferson (1724), formerly of Ohio, get the unlucky first round matchup against many time champ Bonin with Black.  There were no upsets in this round.  Round 2 saw the entry of IM Kopec, Bill Arluck, Larry Tamarkin, Mulazim (Doc) Muwwakkil, Ken Cruz, Paul McCormick, Mindy Conyers and Ruth Arluck.  Kopec knocked off Sundar Swaminathan (1826), the lowest-ranked first round winner, and was joined at 1½-½ by Bill Arluck, Tamarkin and Muwwakkil, who also won, and Lou Lima (1914)-Rob Guevara (2104), Nicholas Ryba (2075)-Edgar Cimafranca (1935), Edwin Cadorniga (1899)-Ed Frumkin (2041), whose games were drawn (Guevara had been down an exchange).  The only top half surprise was Andrew Ryba (2165)-Joe Felber (2008), a matchup of 2009 cochamp with 1994 cochamp, which ended in favor of Felber.  Among the first round losers there were two upsets, Mikhail Mordukhay (1664)-Shaoxiang Wang (1351/24) and Marcus Francis (1034)-Henry Milerski (1400) going to the lower-ranked player.  Going into Round 3 there were only three players with 2-0 scores.  Bonin defeated Cyril Sigamoney (2039) while Felber lost to Kopec.  Guevara-Tamarkin, E Cadorniga-N Ryba, W Arluck-Cimafranca and  Frumkin-Lima went 1-0, 0-1, 1-0 and ½-½, respectively while bottom 1½ Muwwakkil lost to top 1-1 Jack Edelson (1980).  Bonin had the only 3-0 but took a bye to play out of town.  Bill Arluck took a late bye due to illness, so the 2½ group became three, with Kopec-Guevara a win for Danny and N Ryba-Frumkin (high 2-1) a fairly short draw.  This would have set up the Bonin vs. Kopec matchup, except that Danny took a bye to play in South Carolina.  Bonin drew as Black with Nicholas Ryba, who had crushed him in the final round of last year’s tournament.  Bonin and Kopec now had 4-1, but so did Bill Arluck and Cyril Sigamoney.  Bonin-Arluck and Sigamoney-Kopec in Round 6 went to the IMs.  Guevara recovered from his Round 4 loss to Kopec by beating Felber and Frumkin to become the only 4½-1½.  Meanwhile Anthony Cadorniga (1331) won four in a row to reach 4-2, the last two upset wins from Swaminathan and ex champ Ed Kopiecki (1913).  In the Kopiecki game Anthony sacrificed two minor pieces and then his queen for mate in only twenty moves in the best attacking game I can remember from a player rated that low playing up that far (582 points).  In Round 7 Kopec and Bonin drew fairly quickly and waited for Guevara-Andrew Ryba to finish (an eventual draw).  The IMs finished with 5½-1½ to split the top two prizes ($400 each ($500-$300)), while Guevara split third prize of $200 with Bill Arluck, who won a pretty game from Sigamoney.  Frumkin ended Anthony Cadorniga’s winning streak, but Anthony won the $100 U1600 prize.  His dad Edwin knocked off Felber to reach 4½, as Christofferson did in Edelson.  They divided the U2000 prize of $120 and the U1800 prize of $110, getting $115 each.  In other upsets Marcus Francis (1034) beat Carrie Goldstein (1400) in Round 5 and Shaoxiang Wang beat Muwwakkil in the same round.  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.


2010 Championship Round 1

2010 Championship Round 2

2010 Championship Round 3

2010 Championship Round 4

2010 Championship Round 5

2010 Championship Round 6

2010 Championship Round 7

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