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Andrew Ryba Wins July Open

by on July 30, 2010

The Queens July Open (July 9-30) drew 26 players.

The only surprise on Round 1’s 11 boards was 2nd ranked Nicholas Ryba (2124) playing on the five second delay and managing to draw against Mulazim (Doc)Muwwakkil (1783), who had as many minutes left as Nicholas had seconds (even after losing a pawn, doc still held the opposite Bishop ending).

Four more came in for Round 2 and three sat out, leaving Marcus Francis (1203) with a free point.  IM Jay Bonin was nicked for half a point by Payam Parhami (2039), who had also drawn him the previous week at the Marshall.  Andrew Ryba (2085) and Bill Arluck (2041) were the only players to reach 2-0, beating Cyril Sigamoney (1990) and Ed Frumkin (2017), respectively.  Eight players reached 1.5-0.5, the aforementioned Bonin and Parhami, Nicholas Ryba (who beat the low 1-0 Sundar Swaminathan), Joe Felber (2041) and Louis Lima (1919), who drew their game, Arunas Simonaitis (1976) who took a bye, Jack Edelson (1950), who beat Ken Cruz (1700) after both took Round 1 byes, and Paul Denig (1633), who beat Muwwakkil after a Round 1 bye.

In Round 3 Andrew Ryba beat Bill Arluck to reach 3-0, Bonin beat Simonaitis, Parhami drew with Nicholas Ryba, Felber lost to Edelson and Frumkin toppled Denig in a rare game without a fianchettoed Bishop.  Lima had a bye.  Alfred Bucknor (1559/11) reached 2-1 with a forfeit win from Sigamoney, who failed to call in that he might be late.

Round 4 saw Andrew Ryba draw with Bonin to reach 3.5-0.5 ($125 first prize), while brother Nicholas could only draw with Edelson, so Bonin and Edelson reached 3-1 (split of 2nd and 3rd of $100 & $75).  The next two boards of Swaminathan-Frumkin and Lima-Bucknor were also drawn.  Bucknor, Neal Bellon (1681 – last round bye) and Muwwakkil (win from Cruz) reached 2.5-1.5, good for a three way split of the $65 U1800.  Santa Calderon (1367) and Philip Mathew (1203) split the $60 U1500 with 1.5-2.5 scores.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.


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