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IM Danny Kopec Wins 78th Queens CC Speedy Open

by on July 2, 2010

Usually I direct the 4-SS Game 15 Quick Chess event held on the Friday evening of the Fourth of July Weekend.  So, over the last 8-10 years (and maybe even longer!), I can attest that generally 8-16 players typically appear for the event.  (I can’t recall ever having fewer than eight competitors).

I was pleasantly surprised when International Master (IM) Dr. Danny Kopec (Quick Rating of 2478) graced us with his presence on Friday, 07/02/2010.  We ended up with eight players:  one IM, three Class A players (well, by Quick rating standards, anyway!);  and four other competitors in lower Quick rating categories.

Dr. Kopec won the Quick event and the $50 first place prize, with a final score of 3.5 out of a possible four points.  Club Vice President and Treasurer Joe Felber (1936) was quite surprised to take the $30 second place prize, with a final score of 3.0.  The Round Three battle between Kopec (White) and Felber featured the 3. Qf3 Caro- Kann line.  It saw Joe somehow “find” a perpetual check with his Queen — with Danny offering the draw (Joe accepting).  In the brief post-mortem comments, Danny graciously pointed out a potential attacking possibility for Black which Joe had missed.

Finally, the U1800 prize of $21 was split evenly among Neal Bellon (1674), newcomer H.W. Char (1753), and Albert Bucknor (1583).  Each player scored 2.0, to earn his share of the Under 1800 prize.

Our next event will be the 4-SS, Game 120 July Open, which will commence at the Club on 07/09/2010.

The 78th Speedy Open was directed by Club VP/ Treasurer Joe Felber.  (End of report)

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