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by on June 25, 2010

Club President and Expert Ed Frumkin (2033) and Expert Payam Parhami (2039) tied for the top
honors in the 2010 June Open, with 5-1 scores.  Each player took home $150, splitting the combined total of the $200 first place prize and the $100 second place prize.  Frumkin’s only loss came against Parhami in Round Five, whereas Parhami was upset by newcomer Albert Bucknor (1559) in the First Round.

Partially as an experiment, the June Open featured a Game 60, 6- SS format, for the first time in any Queens Chess Club event (at least in the writer’s memory, at any rate — going back to 1988). 21 players participated in the event, which was held at the Club from 06/11/2010 through 06/25/2010 (inclusive) — and featured a $30 entry fee for Club Members.  The “jury is still out” as to whether we will repeat the format in the future (but at least the two winners seemed to find it agreeable!).

Jack Edelson (1950), in his first event at the Queens Chess Club, shared the Under 2000 prize with Kenneth Sasmor (1808).  Each player scored 4.0 out of the six rounds, and took home $43.

The Under 1700 prize was won by Paul Denig (1614) with a 3.0 score, and Paul won $40 for his labors in the event.  The final prize of Top 1400 and Under was won by Henry Milerski (1400) and Ruth Arluick (1139);  each player scored 2.0, and took home $18.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed for the Queens Chess Club; report by VP/ Treasurer Joe Felber.

(End of Report)

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