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Bulletin 2010 #2

by on June 1, 2010


Queens Chess Club Bulletin


• QueensTeamChampionship • April G/60
• June Open
• Kopec Lecture and Simul

• Queens Speedy Open
• July Open
• August Open
• Theoretical Novelties in the Pirc

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“In Crowd” and “Stars of India” Top 10th Queens Team by Ed Frumkin

This year’s version had a funky schedule that may have contributed to a slightly reduced turnout (we had 13 paid teams in 2008 and 14 in 2009). Originally announced for May 7-28, our playing site then made May 14 unavailable due to a rummage sale, so we reconfigured it for April 30-

May 7-21-28 and changed the Chess Life

announcement accordingly. Naturally, the rummage sale was subsequently cancelled, so a G/15 event was run on the 14th after all. We ended up with 12 paid teams, raising the prizes 20% to $120 and $60 to the top two teams, with $72 each to the top U1700 team and top scorer on Boards 1 and 2. A two board match with a rating average under 2000 creates interesting strategic problems in forming a team. Andrew and Nicholas Ryba won the tournament in 2008 when both were rated in the 1900s. Now that each is over 2100, neither could even partner with their dad Alex, an underrated 1970 who once held a master rating in England. Your writer has won or shared the

team title at least five times now, so now I’ll reveal the successful strategy: get the strongest possible Board



Photos by Brian Lawson

2 !! I locked in last year’s partner Mitch Drobbin (1958) right away, while the other experts couldn’t have fit Mitch under the rating cap. 2009 co-champion Joe Felber (2067) couldn’t play with last year’s partner Bill Arluck because Bill had crossed 2000. A dangerous sleeper team was formed by Sundar Swaminathan (1890) and Cyril Sigamoney (1859) under the name “Stars of India” (Cyril has subsequently raised his rating above 2000 (and has raised his rating 500 points in 12 months!), so his eventual good result was no surprise).

The first night started with 11 teams, so I attempted to put together a house team to

prevent a full point bye, pairing two perpetual kibitzers, Rooney Simonaitis (1946) and Steve Mitlitzky (1867) as a house team, who at that point would have been ranked second and were paired that way so


we could start. Of course, the best-laid plans foundered when Steve didn’t want to play (Paul Denig (1571) won by forfeit). Rooney won his game from Mulazim Muwwakkil (1823) to achieve a drawn match against the Chess Junkies as a soloist. There were only three decisive matches and one of those was an huge upset: The Guthwinators (Andrew Ryba (2101) and Shaoxiang Wang, a Stuyvesant HS teammate who had just made his tournament debut at the National High School with a 1091/7 provisional rating) beat Joe Felber and Albert Bucknor (1714/4 estimated from his debut April event at Queens) through a top board draw and a win by Wang. The Stars of India swept The Wise Men (Henry Milerski (1400) and Marcus Francis (1194)), while Cruz Control, comprised of Zoltan Sugar (1731) and Ken Cruz (1704), swept Dangerous Moves, comprised of Faiz Uzzaman (1379) and Robert D’Elia (1146), although Uzzaman nearly held a tricky endgame. My team, The In Crowd, only drew when I threw away a good position and lost to Joseph Tan (1843), while Mitch beat The Biggest Upset’s Paul McCormick (1584). Nicholas Ryba (2110) beat Carrie Goldstein (1400) of Girls’ Knight Out, but partner Philip Mathew (1362) lost to Phyllis Benjamin (1090). Round 2 saw the entry of one more team, The Sandbaggers (Louis Lima (1912) and Edwin Doscher (1553)).

Before Round 2 the listed ratings of Wang and Bucknor were revised to 1190/11 and 1758/4, respectively. Cruz Control and the Stars of India drew their match, Sugar beating Swaminathan and Sigamoney beating Cruz, both wins coming with the Black pieces. The Guthwinators drew with the In Crowd when Frumkin tried too hard to keep the draw in sight against Andrew Ryba and got gradually outplayed, while Drobbin beat the underrated Wang. The Sandbaggers swept the Chess Junkies and Silent Moves (Felber and Bucknor) swept Girls’ Knight Out. Dangerous Moves swept The Wise Men (Francis

Jay Bonin and Bill Arluck Share First at April G/60

After some shuffling of the calendar caused by the church taking one date away, we held a four round G/ 60 event on April 16 and 23. Eighteen played, led by IM Jay Bonin (2370), four experts and 3 A players. Round 1 was unsurprising except for the bottom board, where newcomer Albert Bucknor upended Ken Cruz (1704). Round 2 saw the top four players (Bonin, Joe Felber (2067), Bill Arluck (2034) and Ed Frumkin (2006)) reach 2-0, with Felber having the toughest matchup, winning with Black against Brian

failed to appear against D’Elia but didn’t recruit a replacement).

No team had a 2-0 match score, but four had 1.5-0.5 and five followed with 1-1. The Stars of India beat The Sandbaggers through a Sigamoney win and a Swaminathan draw, while the Guthwinators swept Cruz Control, thanks to another upset win by Wang. The two 2.5-0.5 teams would not meet in the final round, however, because the Stars of India had already committed to a Round 4 bye to play in the Chicago Open. The In Crowd squeezed past the Nicholas Ryba-Mathew team with the intended strategy of draw on one, win on two. Silent Moves was held to a drawn match by The Biggest Upset, Felber’s win from Tan being offset by Bucknor’s loss to Doscher. Girls’ Knight Out drew their second match thanks to another Benjamin victory, this time over Marcus Francis. Henry Milerski’s win from Carrie Goldstein was the last game to finish. The Chess Junkies drew with Dangerous Moves as Uzzaman knocked off Muwwakkil in a King and pawn ending while Denig beat D’Elia.

Round 4 presented some interesting pairing problems. Stars of India had the night off and The Guthwinators had already played The In Crowd, the only 2-1 team, and Silent Moves, the top-ranked 1.5-1.5 team. Next in line were The Sandbaggers, who had narrowly lost to Stars of India. The Sandbaggers pulled off the upset with Lima drawing with Andrew Ryba and Doscher beating Wang. The In Crowd had to play Silent Moves, with Frumkin meeting Felber for the first time since last year’s event. This year’s draw lasted a lot longer, while Drobbin defeated Bucknor to get the team to 3-1, catching Stars of India. The Guthwinators settled for the U1700 prize with 2.5-1.5. Nicholas Ryba went 3.5-0.5 to take the Board 1 prize, while Mitch Drobbin took Board 2 with a 4-0 score, according to the organizer’s master plan.

Lawson (2000). Ruth Arluck (1004) and Robert D’Elia (1146) came up with upset victories over Henry Milerski and Carrie Goldstein (both 1400). In Round 3 Bonin and Bill Arluck both won with the Black pieces against Frumkin and Felber, setting up a quick draw in the last round two split the place prices of $100 and $70. Frumkin and Sundar Swaminathan (1890) had 3-1 scores (both losing to Bonin), with Sundar taking the $55 under 1900 prize. Ruth Arluck won the 1400 and under prize of $50 by notching a second upset over Philip Mathew (1362) in Round 4.

Ed Frumkin directed.




Dr. Danny Kopec Lecture and Simultaneous Exhibition by Brian Lawson

On June 4th, 2010, International Master Dr. Danny Kopec gave a lecture and simultaneous exhibition at the Queen’s Chess Club.

Danny’s lecture showed some analysis of a Pal Benko composition and a discussion of some of Danny’s games against GM Benko. Danny then proceeded to analyze some key positions of games recently played at the Club, notably Swaminnathan-Lima and A.Ryba-Lima.

Danny then proceed to play against seven QCC members in a simultaneous exhibition to benefit the club which kept 50% of the entry fees. Each player was allowed choice of

FALL 2009

Frumkin and Parhami share first in June Open by Joe Felber

Club President and Expert Ed Frumkin (2033) and Expert Payam Parhami (2039) tied for the top honors in the 2010 June Open, with 5-1 scores. Each player took home $150, splitting the combined total of the $200 first place prize and the $100 second place prize. Frumkin’s only loss came against Parhami in Round Five, whereas Parhami was upset by newcomer Albert Bucknor (1559) in the First Round.

Partially as an experiment, the June Open featured a Game 60, 6- SS format, for the first time in any Queens Chess Club event (at least in the writer’s memory, at any rate — going back to 1988). 21 players participated in the event, which was held at the Club from 06/11/2010 through 06/25/2010 (inclusive) — and featured a $30 entry fee for Club Members. The “jury is still out” as to whether we will repeat the format in the future (but at least the two winners seemed to find it agreeable!).

Jack Edelson (1950), in his first event at the Queens Chess Club, shared the Under 2000 prize with Kenneth Sasmor (1808). Each player scored 4.0 out of the six rounds, and took home $43.

The Under 1700 prize was won by Paul Denig (1614) with a 3.0 score, and Paul won $40 for his labors in the event. The final prize of Top 1400 and Under was won by Henry Milerski (1400) and Ruth Arluick (1139); each player scored 2.0, and took home $18.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed for the Queens Chess Club

color, three “passes” and a replay if the challenger lost too quickly. Danny only lost one game against Louis Lima and notched up a 8-1 score out of 9 games.

Photo by Brian Lawson

[Event Kopec Simultaneous] [Date 2010.06.04]
[White Kopec, Dr. Danny] [Black Lawson, Brian] [Result 1-0]

[ECO B50]
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bd3 {The Kopec System} Nc6 4. c3 Bg4

5. Bc2 Nf6 6. d3 e6 7. Nbd2 Be7 8. h3 Bh5 9. Qe2 h6 10.Nf1 d5 11. g4 Bg6 12. Bf4 c4 13. e5 cxd3 14. Bxd3 Bxd3 15. Qxd3 Ne4 16. N1d2 Nc5 17. Qe3 Qc7 18. O-O Nd7 19. Nb3 g5 20. Bg3 O-O-O 21. Nbd4 h5 22. Rfc1 hxg4 23. hxg4

Nb6 = (Diagram) 24. Nb5 Nc4 25. Nxc7 Nxe3 26. Nxe6 fxe6 27. fxe3 Rh6 28. Kg2 Bc5 29. Nd4 Kd7 30. Rf1 Rf8 31. Rxf8 Bxf8 32. Nf3 Bc5 33. Re1 Bb6 34. e4 Ne7 35. Nxg5 dxe4 36. Nxe4 Nd5 37. g5 Rg6 38. Nf6+ Kc6 39. Nxd5 Kxd5 40. Bf4 Bd8 41. Kf3 Bxg5 42. Rd1+ Kc6 43. Rg1 1-0




FALL 2009

IM Danny Kopec Wins 78th Queens CC Speedy Open
by Joe Felber

Usually I direct the 4-SS Game 15 Quick Chess event held on the Friday evening of the Fourth of July Weekend. So, over the last 8-10 years (and maybe even longer!), I can attest that generally 8-16 players typically appear for the event. (I can’t recall ever having fewer than eight competitors).

I was pleasantly surprised when International Master (IM) Dr. Danny Kopec (Quick Rating of 2478) graced us with his presence on Friday, 07/02/2010. We ended up with eight players: one IM, three Class A players (well, by Quick rating standards, anyway!); and four other competitors in lower Quick rating categories.

Dr. Kopec won the Quick event and the $50 first place prize, with a final score of 3.5 out of a possible four points. Club Vice President and Treasurer Joe Felber (1936) was quite surprised to take the $30 second place prize, with a final score of 3.0. The Round Three battle between Kopec (White) and Felber featured the 3. Qf3 Caro- Kann line. It saw Joe somehow “find” a perpetual check with his Queen — with Danny offering the draw (Joe accepting). In the brief post-mortem comments, Danny graciously pointed out a potential attacking possibility for Black which Joe had missed.

Finally, the U1800 prize of $21 was split evenly among Neal Bellon (1674), newcomer H.W. Char (1753), and Albert Bucknor (1583). Each player scored 2.0, to earn his share of the Under 1800 prize.

Andrew Ryba Wins July Open by Ed Frumkin

The Queens July Open (July 9-30) drew 26 players.

Round 1: The only surprise on Round 1’s 11 boards was 2nd ranked Nicholas Ryba (2124) playing on the five second delay and managing to draw against Mulazim (Doc)Muwwakkil (1783), who had as many minutes left as Nicholas had seconds (even after losing a pawn, doc still held the opposite Bishop ending).

Round 2: Four more came in for Round 2 and three sat out, leaving Marcus Francis (1203) with a free point. IM Jay Bonin was nicked for half a point by Payam Parhami (2039), who had also drawn him the previous week at the Marshall. Andrew Ryba (2085) and Bill Arluck (2041) were the only players to reach 2-0, beating Cyril Sigamoney (1990) and Ed Frumkin (2017), respectively. Eight players reached 1.5-0.5, the aforementioned Bonin and Parhami, Nicholas Ryba (who beat the low 1-0 Sundar Swaminathan), Joe Felber (2041) and Louis Lima (1919), who drew their game, Arunas Simonaitis (1976) who took a bye, Jack Edelson (1950), who beat Ken Cruz (1700) after both took Round 1 byes, and Paul Denig (1633), who beat Muwwakkil after a Round 1 bye.

Round 3: In Round 3 Andrew Ryba beat Bill Arluck to reach 3-0, Bonin beat Simonaitis, Parhami drew with Nicholas Ryba, Felber lost to Edelson and Frumkin toppled Denig in a rare game without a fianchettoed Bishop. Lima had a bye. Alfred Bucknor (1559/11) reached 2-1 with a forfeit win from Sigamoney, who failed to call in that he might be late.

Round 4: Round 4 saw Andrew Ryba draw with Bonin to reach 3.5-0.5 ($125 first prize), while brother Nicholas could only draw with Edelson, so Bonin and Edelson reached 3-1 (split of 2nd and 3rd of $100 & $75). The next two boards of Swaminathan- Frumkin and Lima-Bucknor were also drawn. Bucknor, Neal Bellon (1681 – last round bye) and Muwwakkil (win from Cruz) reached 2.5-1.5, good for a three way split of the $65 U1800. Santa Calderon (1367) and Philip Mathew (1203) split the $60 U1500 with 1.5-2.5 scores.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.




FALL 2009

TN’s in the Pirc By Ed Frumkin

There are actually 2 TN games with the Pirc, both ad libbed at the board. The latter came about when I forgot the book move, but according to Informant it was a TN.

Sarkis Agaian (2145)-Frumkin (2022) Marshall CC:
1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 g6 4 f4 Bg7 5 Nf3 c5 6 Bb5+ Bd7 7 e5 Ng4 8 e6 fxe6 9 Ng5 Bxb5 10 Nxb5 Qa5+ 11 c3 Qxb5 12 Qxg4 cxd4 13 Nxe6 Qc4 14 f5 Bf6 15 fxg6 Rg8 16 g7 Na6 (Diagram)

To this point Sarkis has found the book moves but burned a humongous amount of time (if I remember correctly, he now had about 5 minutes to get to move 30) 17 cxd4?? Nb4 and Black won easily after 18 Bh6 Rc8 19 Rc1 Nd3+ 20

Kd2 Nxc1 21 Qh5+ Kd7 22 Nf8+ Kd8 23 Qa5+ b6 24 Qc3 Qe2+ 25 Kxc1

Bxd4 0-1 time

17 Be3 would be the move to test the line. I did send this game to Alburt and I don’t know whether he mentioned it in the 2nd edition of Pirc Alert. (Ed. Alburt did mention 17…Na6 in the 2nd edition as a way to avoid a draw.)

Jon Jacobs (2246)-Frumkin (2000) NYS Senior 4/5/08: 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 g6 4 f4 Bg7 5 Nf3 c5 6 Bb5+ Bd7 7 e5 Ng4 8 h3 (Jon also plays the Pirc) Bxb5 9 Nxb5 dxe5 10 hxg4 Qa5+ 11 Bd2 Qxb5 12 dxe5 Qxb2 13 Rb1 Qxa2 14 Rxb7 Qa6 TN

(the book line is 14…Qd5, but this one is about equivalent) 15 Qb1 Nd7 16 Kf2 Rc8 (Nb6) 17 c4 h5 (Qxc4) 18 Ng5 Nb6 19 Nxf7 0-0 (Rc6!) 20 Nh6+ Kh8 21 Qxg6 Qxb7 22 Rxh5 e6 23 Nf7+ Kg8 24 Rh8#

Heavyweight Tilt Ends in a Split Decision at August Open
by Ed Frumkin

The Queens August Open (August 6-27) drew 19 players.

Round 1: In the absence of Jay Bonin and the Ryba brothers, James Black Jr. (2102) was top seed, and was promptly upended by Jonathan Phanstiel (1779) in the only upset.

Round 2: Edgar Cimafranca (1935) returned after a six month hiatus, as did Al Casanova (1776) in Round 2. Ed Frumkin (2035) fell asleep on Friday the 13th, overlooking Cimafranca’s Queen sacrifice, while Bill Arluck (2073) fell to Louis Lima (1919). Joe Felber (2014) and Arunas Simonaitis (1977) defeated Sundar Swaminathan (1836) and Phanstiel to join Cimafranca and Lima at 2-0.

Round 3: Round 3 saw wins by Felber over Lima and Simonaitis over Cimafranca to get both to 3-0. Black, Cimafreanca, Lima, Phanstiel (win over Arluck) and Paul Denig (1631) were at 2-1. Mujwwakkil and Frumkin had a back and forth game that ended up in a draw by repetition.

Round 4: Ironically Board 1 was a matchup of the two largest people at QCC (Simonaitis over 300, Felber around 250) and with only two place prizes, a draw was the only sensible result, although Rooney managed to use a lot of time trying to refute Joe’s gambit. Al Salonga was top U1800 ($70) with 2.5-1.5 after beating Ken Cruz (1700). Mindy Conyers (1455) was top U1500 ($65) with 2-2 after beating Santa Calderon (1367), who is moving to Arizona.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.

Editor’s Notes

Hello again. Well, it’s a little later than hoped but here is the second bulletin for 2010. I hope that you like the diagrams a little better than

the first Bulletin.

The publication dates are mostly determined by two things: the time it takes to put a bulletin together (about two days) and the amount of material that I can gather to print. You can help with the second item by emailing games in Chessbase or PGN format to

Until next time.



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