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Jay Bonin and Bill Arluck Share First at April G/60

by on April 16, 2010

After some shuffling of the calendar caused by the church taking one date away, we held a four round G/60 event on April 16 and 23.  Eighteen played, led by IM Jay Bonin (2370), four experts and 3 A players.  Round 1 was unsurprising except for the bottom board, where newcomer Albert Bucknor upended Ken Cruz (1704).  Round 2 saw the top four players (Bonin, Joe Felber (2067), Bill Arluck (2034) and Ed Frumkin (2006)) reach 2-0, with Felber having the toughest matchup, winning with Black against Brian Lawson (2000).  Ruth Arluck (1004) and Robert D’Elia (1146) came up with upset victories over Henry Milerski and Carrie Goldstein (both 1400).  In Round 3 Bonin and Bill Arluck both won with the Black pieces against Frumkin and Felber, setting up a quick draw in the last round two split the place prices of $100 and $70.  Frumkin and Sundar Swaminathan (1890) had 3-1 scores (both losing to Bonin), with Sundar taking the $55 under 1900 prize.  Ruth Arluck won the 1400 and under prize of $50 by notching a second upset over Philip Mathew (1362) in Round 4.  Ed Frumkin directed.


We will hold another G/60 June 11-25 with six rounds over 3 Fridays; it will be a 6 point Grand Prix event with two byes permitted, so you can still play if you have to miss one week.

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