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Swaminathan Sweeps Queens December Game/45 Swiss

by on December 18, 2009

With a perfect 4-0 score, Sundar Swaminathan (1779) swept the Game / 45 Swiss, which was held at the Queens Chess Club on

12/11/2009 and 12/18/2009.  Included in his score were victories over Experts Brian Lawson (2022) and Joe Felber (2019).  It was my impression that he both played strong moves and managed his clock well and, as a result, he took home the $80 first prize for his efforts. 


The $50 second place prize was split between Lawson and newcomer Adrian Relingado (UNR), who each completed the event with 3-1 scores. 


The class prizes of U1800 and U1500 were won by Frank Drazil (1528) and Philip Mathew (1319), each of whom finished with 2-2 scores.  Frank and Philp will each receive their $35 prizes in the near future, as they left the Club on 12/18 before play had beencompleted. 


Some readers may wonder why Adrian could not have won one of the $35 class prizes — as he was still Unrated when the tournament commenced.  The answer is that unrated players are not eligible for class prizes in any tournament, with only a few very specific exceptions.  The 5th Edtion of the USCF Rule Book (effective since 01/01/2004) states the following — under Rule 28D, p. 112 — “Players without official USCF ratings are eligible only for place (or top non-class) prizes  … unless alternate procedures are used to assign ratings …. .”  Then the Rule Book simply gives a few examples of how FIDE or foreign ratiings can sometimes be used as a means of assigning ratings to Unrated players.  There is also some additional discussion on the subject, for those who might be intererested


In any event, Adrian played well throughout the 12- player event, and we hope to see more of him at the Queens Chess Club.


The next event at the Club will be a five- round Swiss called the Winter Open. which will commence on 01/08/2010 and conclude on 02/05/2010; complete details have already been published in CHESS LIFE and on our current Club flyer.


The December Game/45 tournament was directed by Queens CC Vice President and Treasurer Joe Felber, with assistance from Paul Denig. 


(End of Report —–  by Chief TD Joe Felber)   

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