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2009 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

by on September 25, 2009

President Ed Frumkin recounted events of the last year including our move from Chapin Home and the Tournament winners from the last year.

  1. Ed Frumkin gave a preview of coming events at the club including the annual Club Championship.

  2. Vice-president and Treasurer Joseph Felber gave the annual Financial report.  

  3. Joseph Felber reported that our annual lease has been renewed.

  4. New Business

    1. The membership decided that we will engage Danny Kopec to provide a lecture and a simultaneous exhibition on two separate occasions.

    2. The membership voted to follow all rules in the USCF rule-book, including 14H and allowing digital clocks.

  5. Elections were held: Ed Frumkin will remain as Club President, Joseph Felber will remain as Vice-president and Treasurer; Brian Lawson will remain Webmaster and take over the Secretary’s duties from Jay Kleinman.

  6. A question concerning a possible return to Chapin Home was raised by Mitch Drobbin.  

After the annual meeting a 5-minute tournament was held.  IM Danny Kopec, Andrew Ryba and Bill Arluck won the blitz event, with 4-1 scores.  Each won $17. Mr. Sigamoney was the only U2000 with a 3-2 score, so he won the $20 prize. 




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