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Nicholas Ryba Wins 74th Queens Speedy Open

by on September 4, 2009

The 74th version of our quick event (4-SS, G/15) was held on September 4, 2009.  It brought out several players who seem to major in fast chess: Brian Karen, Larry Tamarkin and Rob Guevara, none of whom had shown up at the Queens Chess Club in nearly a year.  Brian was top-ranked, followed by Larry, Nicholas Ryba, Bill Arluck, Andrew Ryba and Guevara.  The first round had three upsets among the seven games: Karen (2046) falling to Cyril Sigamoney (1692-all the ratings shown are quick ratings) and Arluck (1951) and Andrew Ryba (1942) being held to draws by Zoltan Sugar (1554) and Frank Drazil (1552), respectively.  Larry Tamarkin had the toughest matchup against Steve Mitlitzky (1654 quick, 1901 regular).  Sundar Swaminathan (1603) came in with a bye and Round 2 saw Nicholas Ryba top Rob Guevara and Larry beat Hyunseung Yang (1719) to create the only two perfect scores.  Nicholas beat Larry in Round 3, only to meet his older brother Andrew in the last round, since Andrew beat Bill Arluck to be the only 2½.  The brothers drew in the last round to give Nicholas the $90 top prize, while Andrew, Brian and Larry divided the $60 second prize three ways with 3-1 scores.  The $40 U1800 prize was split three ways among Yang, Sigamoney and Swaminathan with scores of 2-2.  The same score gave Sugar the $20 U1600 prize.  Ruth Arluck directed for the Queens Chess Club.


article by Ed Frumkin


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