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Fun with Nick and Jay

by on May 31, 2009

Why does this title have a familiar ring to it?  That’s right, it was the name of my 2005 US Amateur Team East squad (same Jay, different Nick (Conticello)).  This time it was Jay Bonin (2381) and Nicholas Ryba (2026) splitting first and second places with 3½-½ scores after a final round draw.  After two rounds the top four had 2-0 scores (Bonin, Ed Frumkin (2044), Nicholas Ryba and Brian Lawson (2017)) after Bonin and Frumkin defeated Joe Felber and Danilo Concepcion (both 2000) in Round 2.  Ryba beat Frumkin and Bonin beat Lawson in Round 3 to set up their quick finish in Round 4.  Frumkin, Lawson and Felber won out to finish at 3-1, winning nothing, unfortunately.  Paul Denig (1686) and Iqbal Chaklader (1509) split the $55 U2000 prize with 2½-1½ scores, Denig drawing with Concepcion and Iqbal beating Ken Cruz (1742).  Cruz was beaten in Round 3 by Tong Wan (1348).  Tong finished at 2-2 after a Round 4 loss to Felber and was caught for the U1500 prize by Philip Mathew (1343) and Linval White (819/7), both of whom came in with two byes.  Bonin and Nicholas Ryba split the $120 and $75 top prizes ($98 each), Denig and Chaklader the $55 U2000 prize ($28 each) and the U1500 prize was split at $17 each.  There were twenty paid entries and one house player.  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.

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