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Bonin Stands out from the Crowd at Queens Spring Open

by on May 8, 2009

The Queens Spring Open, held from April 17 to May 8, started out with 30 participants, so with only four rounds as a result of a late schedule switch by our host church, modified pairings were used in the first two rounds to avoid multiple perfect scores.  Your TD hadn’t used them in over 30 years, but they ended up having the desired effect.  The result is the elimination of the usual mismatches of a normal Round 1 by starting the tournament with what would have been the normal Round 2 pairings (assuming no upsets) in Round 1.  Then in Round 2 the players from the top half who didn’t win are paired with the bottom half winners from Round 1.  The top half had two upsets in Round 1: Nicholas Ryba (2026)-Jay Kleinman (1884) was a win for Black and Louis Lima (1870)-Ed Frumkin (2014) was drawn.  Top-ranked IM Jay Bonin (2378) got a way with an unsound combo against Edgar Cimafranca (1924) when Edgar declined a draw offer just as it was launched (this time fortune didn’t favor the brave).  Paul Denig (1715) was up an exchange against Mitch Drobbin (1947) before something went haywire and suddenly he had only a Rook for a Queen.  In the lower half Santa Calderon (1070) beat Frank Drazil (1587) and Linval White (provisional 868/3) beat Carrie Goldstein (1400), while Stuyvesant High teammates Tong Wan (1299) and Kamil Witek (787/25) drew.  Additional recruiting by the TD brought in 6 more players for Round 2 with one more (Paul McCormick (1534) showing up at the door.  With our house player getting in for the last two rounds, we ended up with 38 participants and had to put three boards on two tables for the last three rounds.  The winners bracket pairings of Dennis Moore (1939)-Bonin, Andrew Ryba (2069)-Drobbin and Danilo Concepcion (2000)-Kleinman ended up in wins for Bonin and Concepcion, the other game being drawn.  The pairing system worked perfectly with no other Round 1 winners repeating or even managing a draw, so we were down to two perfect scores with two rounds to go.  Bonin defeated Concepcion reaching 3-0 while a big 1½-½ group went to war.  Bill Arluck (1990)-Andrew Ryba was a win for White, Drobbin-Brian Lawson (2017) a win for Black, Frumkin-Arunas Simonaitis (1958) and Lima-Joe Felber (2008) were drawn.  Zoltan Sugar (1755) drew with Nicholas Ryba, the top 1-1.  The cute name pairing of Black (James (1661) vs. White was won by the player of the White pieces. Bonin drew quickly with Lawson and waited to see if Bill Arluck would catch him (playing Black against Joe Felber).  Bill played very resourcefully in time pressure to escape with a draw, leaving the $200 first prize to Bonin.  A small army ended up at 3-1: Lawson, Frumkin (win as Black from Kleinman), Concepcion (win as White from Sugar), Arluck, Sundar Swaminathan (1829, win as White from Simonaitis) and Denig (1715, win as White from Tony Lorenzo (1899)).  The first three divided 2nd and 3rd place prizes of $155 and $130 ($95 each), Arluck and Swaminathan divided the U2000 prizes of $120 and $80 ($100 each) and Denig took the U1800 prize of $110.  Carrie Goldstein and Linval White scored 2-2; since the U1425 and U1050 prizes were $105 and $100, each won $103.  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed


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