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Victor Ying Vanquishes Field in Game/15 Event

by on April 3, 2009

Victor Ying, with a Quick chess ratiing of 1953 (and high-rated participant in the 12-player event) swept the field in the 73rd Queens CC Speedy Open.  The four round Swiss, Game / 15 event, under USCF’s Quick chess format, was held at the Club on Friday, 04/03/2009.


Ying’s toughest battle seemed to come in Round 4 vs. Mitchell Drobbin (1650 Quick), when he emerged from the middle game with an Exchange up ending. At one point he only had nine seconds left to Drobbin’s 1:46 (or thereabouts) — but due to the USCF time delay rules (and Victor’s skill with them), his clock still showed  0:09 when Mitch’s flag fell. (At the Queens CC, we will use time delay clocks in all future events, in accordance with all the rules promulgated and published by the USCF).


For his 4-0 sweep of the field, Mr. Ying won the $50 first prize.  The second prize of $30 and the U1700 prize of $20 were combined and then split, with $25 going to Frank Drazil (1486Q) and Sundar Swaminathan (1650Q).  Each of these players scored 3-1, thus earning their respective prizes.


Finally, the Under 1500 prize of $20 was split between Marcus Francis (1267Q) and Robert D’Elia (1039Q).  This was Bob’s first USCF-rated event in about nine years, and so we welcome him back to USCF-rated play, and to our new Club quarters!


In one fascinatiing game, one player’s flag fell, and even though more than five minutes elapsed thereafter, his opponent still did not claim the win on time.  Naturally, we can only urge all players to remember that the clock is an important part of any tournament game.


The 73rd Speedy Open was directed by Joe Felber, for the Club.


The Queens Chess Club will be closed on 04/10/2009, due to Good Friday services held by our host and landlord, All Saints Lutheran Church.


(Report by Queens CC Vice President / Treasurer Joseph J. Felber)


(End of Report)


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