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Three Stand Out from Crowd at Queens

by on March 27, 2009

There were 32 entrants at the Queens Chess Club’s 4 round Spring Open, held from March 6 to 27.  There was some consideration given to splitting the event into two sections or using modified pairings to avoid the possibility of multiple perfect scores, but we stuck with the traditional single section Swiss and got lucky.  With no Grand Prix points at stake, IMs Jay Bonin and Danny Kopec passed on this event, so we had four experts and eight class A players at the top.  We were   also minus one Ryba brother, as Andrew (2029) had to miss two weeks, one for the SAT.  The first round saw only one upset, Jay Kleinman (1884) being held to a draw by Tong Wan (1188).  Jay sacrificed an exchange but missed the next move piece sac.  Dennis Moore (1968) arrived after the round had started and had to take a half point bye.   With 14 players with 1-0 paired for Round 2 and the possibility of 7 perfectos with two rounds left, three draws (Zoltan Sugar (1788)-Bill Arluck (2009), Ed Frumkin (2005)-Mulazim Muwwakkil (1806) and Paul Denig (1706)-Arunas Simonaitis (1978)) and two upsets (Louis Lima (1815) over Nicholas Ryba (2037) and Andy Bauer (1608) over Tony Lorenzo (1899)) coupled with two “expected” wins by the higher-ranked players (Joe Felber (2035) over Sundar Swaminathan (1834) and Edgar Cimafranca Sr (1946) over Ken Cruz (1762)), left only 4 players with 2-0 scores, all of whom had had Black first and White second.  Pairing variation 29E4b came into play, leading to the pairings Lima-Felber and Cimafranca-Bauer, with Felber and Cimafranca both winning.  Arluck-Muwwakkil, Denig-Frumkin and Moore-Ziet (1701) left the higher rated players with 2½ (Ziet had taken a Round 2 bye, while Moore had topped Kleinman in Round 2.  With top prizes of $120-$100-$80, Felber-Cimafranca was a quick draw, since the loser might have won nothing, while pitched battles were underway in Frumkin-Arluck and N Ryba-Moore.  Frumkin and Ryba won, enabling Frumkin to join Felber and Cimafranca in the winners’ circle.  Cruz’ Benko Gambit was successful against Swaminathan, so Ken’s 3-1 score took the U1850 prize of $75.  The U1500 prize of $70 and U1150 prize of $65 had matching scores of 2-2 by Tong Wan (last round win from Guy Rawlins (1584) and Santa Calderon (1070) over Philip Mathew (1325), so each young lady took home $68 (we round prize money up to the next dollar).  In addition to the two upsets already mentioned, Tong Wan’s Round 2 draw against Frank Drazil (1587) barely missed (by one point !) qualifying in the annual contest (wins 200 or more up, draws 400 or more up).  Kamil Witek (696/20) had qualifying draws in the last two rounds against Marcus Francis (1214) and Carrie Goldstein (1400), but those values won’t be calculated until we have Kamil’s post-event rating (if his rating jumps to far, the Francis draw won’t count).  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.


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