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Bonin & Andrew Ryba Tie at February G/45

by on February 27, 2009

21 players took part in the February 20-27 G/45 at the Queens Chess Club, with two games per night for two weeks.  Al Casanova (1846) was the surprise co-leader with fifth-ranked Brian Lawson (2007)at 2-0 after the first week, defeating 4th-ranked Ed Frumkin (2017) in Round 2.  3rd-ranked Joe Felber was held to a first round draw by Ken Cruz (1771) and top-ranked Jay Bonin (2372) and 2nd-ranked Nicholas Ryba (2026) were held to draws in Round 2 by Andrew Ryba (2003) and Bill Arluck (2003), respectively.  Al then knocked off Lawson in Round 3, while Andrew topped Joe Felber and Nicholas defeated Iqbal Chaklader (1470/25), who had beaten Cruz in Round 2.  This left a serious pairing dilemma with Casanova at 3-0 and Bonin and both Rybas at 2½.  To avoid pairing the siblings, we ended up pairing Andrew with Casanova and Bonin with Nicholas; the headline should tell you the result.  The winners divided the $120 1st and $80 2nd prizes, netting $100 each.  Al Casanova was top U1900 at 3-1, winning $70.  Tong Wan (1218) and Paul Radak (1115/5) split the $60 U1450 prize with 2-2 scores, with the former knocking off Zoltan Sugar (1795) in Round 4 for the largest upset so far (577 points) in the October 2008-September 2009 season.  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.

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