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Moore Pays More, Wins Most

by on December 26, 2008

The Queens December Open, held from December 5th to the 26th, was notable for its wide-open character, as IMs Jay Bonin and Danny Kopec both passed this one up.  Fourteen year old Nicholas Ryba was top-ranked at 2038, followed by Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber at 2035 and 2030, respectively.  Round 1 was uneventful, as the top half swept the bottom half, with Andy Bauer (1613) at the wrong end of the split.  Zoltan Sugar (1786) and Richard Ziet (1701) joined in Round 2, and drew against each other.  Frumkin and Felber were held to draws by Ken Schemitz (1812) and Ken Cruz (1749), while Nicholas Ryba was completely outplayed by Louis Lima (1808).  Bill Arluck (1962), Mitch Drobbin (1942) and Dennis Moore (1929) maintained the honor of the higher-ranked in the 1-0 group by winning their games; Round 3 pairings of Moore-Arluck and Drobbin-Lima were posted on the QCC website.  Then the snows came.  With the Drazils and Fraticellis previously committed to vacation byes, the additional bad weather meant that half the players were absent on the 19th.  Drobbin and Moore, having been skittling for nearly an hour, ended up paired with each other, with Moore winning, as he had been doing already in the blitz games.  Lima was upended by Felber, Cruz by Frumkin, and Nicholas fell again, to Schemitz.  The absentees, even those who didn’t call, were given half point byes, as the emergency cell number was out of whack.  The only funky pairing was Ziet at 1-1 getting paired with Philip Mathew (1269) at 0-2; Rich won.  With Felber committed to a bye, spending Christmas with his sister, the top board pairings were Moore-Frumkin and Arluck-Schemitz, both won by White.  As a result, sixth-ranked Dennis Moore went 4-0 and took the $120 top prize, while fourth-ranked Bill Arluck was clear second with 3½ for $80.  Sundar Swaminathan (1767) took the $75 under 1900 prize with 3-1, losing only to Arluck in Round 2 and topping Drobbin in the last round.  The $70 under 1700 prize was split among Paul Denig (1639), Andy Bauer and Michael Phillip (1550), $24 each.  The $65 under 1500 prize went to Tong Wan (1223) at 2-2.  Nicholas Ryba’s losses to Lima and Schemitz put them into the upset prize sweepstakes, as did Paul Fraticelli (271/9)’s win against Paul Drazil (709), but Paul F’s points will be calculated against his post-event rating.  There were 26 entrants and one house player.  Ed Frumkin directed, assisted by Joe Felber.  2009 will begin with the 6 GP point Queens January Open, from January 2nd to the 30th.

So what does the title mean?  Dennis Moore was the only nonmember of the Queens Chess Club in the tournament, so his entry fee was $5 extra (I can hear you groaning).

(Ed Frumkin)


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