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Kids Rule at 71st Queens Speedy Open

by on November 28, 2008

As usual, the Thanksgiving Friday Queens event was sparsely populated (12 players) but hotly contested.  The four round G/15 event featured at least five players over 60 and four in their teens.  The teens, led by 14 year old Nicholas Ryba (Q1906) and his 16 year old brother Andrew (Q1893), dominated the prizes at tourney’s end.  Nicholas and Andrew each won their first three games before drawing in Round 4, splitting the top prizes of $50 and $25.  The U1300 prizes were $40 and $20.  The top prize was taken by Michael Phillip (Q1271) at 3-1 with a last round win from 76 year old Dick Murphy (Q1900) (losing only to Andrew in Round 2) and the 2nd spot was split between seniors Carrie Goldstein (Q1198) and Henry Milerski (Q1258) at 2-2.  Andrew Ryba had a third round scare against mentor Ken Cruz (Q1628).  Frank Drazil notched a 3-1 score, losing only to Murphy in Round 2, but missed the money.  Ed Frumkin directed.

(Ed Frumkin)


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