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Bonin, Kopec & Felber top Queens Fall Open

by on November 21, 2008

The first full-length event at the new Queens CC site drew 31 players from October 31 to November 21.  The new G/100 control was well received, as it was the best fit for our 8:45 start time.  IMs Jay Bonin (2409) and Danny Kopec (2348) finished with 3½-½ scores after three wins and last round draw against each other and were caught at the wire by Joe Felber (2020), who had a forfeit win from Jay Kleinman (1872), who called the emergency number two hours too early.  A fourth possible 3½, Zoltan Sugar (1786), was quickly dispatched by Nicholas Ryba (2000).The top two divided the $150 1st and Joe took the $90 U2100 money.  U1900 money of $85 was split by Louis Lima (1808) and Sundar Swaminathan (1767), who both went 3-1.  U1700 prize of $80 went to newcomer Sarah Bayor, who took a bye in Round 1 and knocked off Dick Murphy (1932) in Round 2 and then got a free point when Steven Chernick neglected to appear for round 4 (another mislaid message?), leading to a 2½-1½ score.  We’ll need a few more tournaments to figure out her true strength.  Iqbal Chaklader (1399/7), whose results have been somewhat inconsistent, beat Murphy in Round 1 and also beat Paul Denig (1657) in Round 4 to finish 2-2 to take the U1500 prize of $75.  Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.  For information on future events, please consult our website,

(Ed Frumkin)

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