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The Kids Rule at the Queens Futurity

by on September 19, 2008

In a departure from our summer habits, the 11th Queens Chess Club Futurity ran from July 11 to September 19 as a six player double round robin, as opposed to our usual ten player single round robin. 

Sixteen year old Andrew and fourteen year old Nicholas Ryba took on fifty-somethings Mulazim Muwwakkil, Larry Tamarkin, Brian Lawson and Ed Frumkin at game in two hours. The kids conserved energy by drawing all their games with Tamarkin (one of their original mentors) and Frumkin. Although they met each other in Rounds 4 and 7, the expected head to head draws failed to materialize, each winning with the Black pieces. Both Rybas swept Muwwakkil, so the difference was their result with Club vice president Brian Lawson. Andrew exchanged wins with Brian while Nicholas won and then drew in the makeup week of September 19. 

A Lawson win and a second Frumkin win from Muwwakkil would have created a four way tie at 6-4, but both games were drawn. Frumkin and Lawson might have been somewhat distracted by the closing of the club’s playing site and packing up equipment. Nicholas won the $200 first prize with 6½-3½, Andrew took the $130 second prize with 6-4, and Lawson and Frumkin split the $100 third prize with 6-4. Tamarkin and Muwwakkil were simply off form, scoring 4-6 and 2½-7½, respectively, although Muwwakkil got to play the best move of the tournament, a rook sacrifice for mate, against Larry. 

Ed Frumkin directed and Brian Lawson did the weekly bulletins.



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