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Bonin and Tamarkin Victorious in 69th Speedy Open

by on September 5, 2008

International Master Jay Bonin (with a September 2008 Quick rating of 2266) and Larry Tamarkin (2069) won the 69th Queens CC Speedy Open.  The 16- player event was of the four- round Swiss system, Game / 15 format, and was held on 09/05/2008 at the Club.  The entry fee for the tournament was $15 per player (with no discount for the payment of an early entry).

Messrs. Bonin and Tamarkin each scored 3.5 points out of four, having perfect 3-0 scores prior to quickly drawing with each other in Round Four.  They evenly split the combined total of the $75 first prize and the $45 second prize.

Of the 16 players in the event, five won prize money — because in addition to the first and second prizes, there were two Under 1500 prizes, of $30 to first and $20 to second.  With scores of two points our of four each, the combined total of $50 was divided among three players (rounded up to $17 each):  Henry Milerski (1317), Marcus Francis (1227), and Carrie Goldstein (1092).

As the Quick Chess events (in general) seem to be reasonably popular at the Queens Chess Club, we will continue to hold several of these throughout the rest of 2008, and during the calendar year of 2009.  Nevertheless, our emphasis in USCF-rated tournament scheduling will remain on 4-SS or 5-SS events, with our standard time control of 30/75, followed by SD/60.

As explained in our printed schedule (flyer), all tournament participants must be Members in good standing of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).  In addition, anyone wishing to play in our Annual Club Championship must be a paid-up Member of the Club, at the time of registration,

Please note that not many events are advertised in CHESS LIFE, due to the cost of the Tournament Life Announcements (or TLA’s) there.  This means that some re-formatting and re-scheduling of events may be possible; so, please take home our scheduling flyers, if available.

Upcoming events include a 4-SS Game/ 45 (with a $20 entry fee), with two rounds on 09/12/2008 and two rounds on 09/19/2008.

The Annual Business Meeting will take place on 09/26/2008, and then the 2008 Queens CC Club Championship (which IS advertised in CHESS LIFE) will commence on Friday, 10/03/2008.

(Report by President / Treasurer Joe Felber)


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