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Guevara Grinds Out Victory in August Open

by on August 29, 2008

Although taking a Round 3 bye to participate in the Atlantic Open during Round 3, Robert Guevara (with an August USCF Regular rating of 2077) managed to fend off Joe Felber’s “interesting” sacrifice (a Knight for two Pawns, to open the King position) in their Round 4 battle.  The post-mortem revealed that Joe (with a 2000 August rating) missed one or two better lines than the one he chose.  Nevertheless, Rob’s extreme patience in defense led to a well- deserved tournament victory for him, with 3.5 points out of four.  He took home the $140 first prize for his efforts.

The $80 second place prize was split among four players, all of whom finished with three points out of four.  They were Club President TD Joe Felber (2000); Tony Lorenzo (1906); Ken Cruz (1777), and Al Casanova (1701).  Each player’s $20 prize will be enough to cover the entry fee for the upcoming G/45 event (09/12-19), or leave change from the $15 EF for the Speedy Open (Quick Chess event) on 09/05.

Returning to the August Open, Zoltan Sugar (1693) also finished with three points out of four, but he won the U1700 “Class Prize” of $70.  For anyone who might be interested in why this is so, I refer that reader to USCF prize allocation Rule # 32B3, on pp.181-182 of the 5th Ed, of The USCF RULES OF CHESS (published by David Mc Kay/ Random House in 2003, and still currently in effect).

Anyway, Zoltan has been playing solid but enterprising chess over the last three to six months, and I am pleased to note his excellent result (and prize) in this report.

The U1600 prize of $65 was won by Frank Drazil (1598), with a final score of 2.5 out of four.  Like Zoltan, Frank (it seems to me) has been playing at a level somewhat above his rating, for the last three months or so.  I am likewise happy to report on his good result in this event.

Finally, five players tied for the $60 Under 1500 prize, with a score of one point out of four.  They were Henry Milerski (1400); Carrie Goldstein (1400); Phyllis Benjamin (1170), Kamil Witek (586), and Paul Drazil (708).

On 08/22/2008 and 08/29/2008, special announcements were made concerning the use of computers at the Queens Chess Club.  The most recent (and “final”) version was delivered by Chief TD Ed Frumkin on 08/29:  ALL computers are forbidden at the Queens Chess Club, while ANY tournament games are in progress.  Ed stated they should be “left home:”  the Membership elected Ed as Chief TD, and so we will abide by his ruling in this regard.  Either Ed Frumkin or Joe Felber will impose a penalty (as allowed in the USCF Rule Book), for infractions against this new Club rule.

(Report by Club President / Treasurer Joe Felber) 



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