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Ryba Brothers and Frank Drazil Excel in 68th Speedy Open

by on July 4, 2008

For at least 12 regular players of the Queens Chess Club, our Royal Game proved to be more alluring than fireworks, on the Fourth of July.  The Game / 15 event featured a $15 entry fee, and prizes of $75 to first, $50 to second, and $40 to the top player Under 1500.

Ultimately, young Nicholas Ryba (with a July Quick rating of 1855) was victorious in the 68th Queens CC Speedy Open.  With a perfect score of 4-0, he won the $75 first prize at the 4-SS, G/15 Quick Chess event.  While I played in the event, and so I didn’t see three of his games, Nicholas DID outplay me in Masterful fashion in our Round Four encounter!

Another interesting development was that the Ryba brothers and Hyunseung (“HS”) Yang (1701), all good friends, “crossed swords” with each other in the tournament.  In this case, “HS” lost to Nicholas Ryba in Round 3, but managed to hold a draw against Andrew in the final round.  Although he didn’t win a prize here, I foresee a bright chess future for young Mr. Yang (as well as for the Ryba brothers, of course!).

Andrew Ryba, the brother of the tournament winner, featured the highest Quick rating of all twelve participants, at 1901.  He finished his battles with an undefeated score of 3.0, and won $45, for the reasons explained below.

Frank Drazil, with a July Quick rating of 1476, lost in Round One to Andrew Ryba, but was not discouraged — winning his final three games of the tournament.  His reward was to split (with Andrew Ryba) the combined prizes of the $50  Second Place prize, and $40 to the top player Under 1500.  Per the prize allocation rules published in the (current) 5th Edition of the USCF Rule Book(on pp.181-204), each player was awarded $45 for his efforts.

As usual, this Quick Chess event was directed jointly by Chief TD Ed Frumkin and Club President / Treasurer Joe Felber.

(End of Report —- By Joe Felber)  


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