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Perez-Billinghurst Captures 2008 Spring Open

by on April 25, 2008

As a chessplayer, Ricardo Perez-Billinghurst (with a rating of 2135 in April, 2008) is a fierce fighter, who does not settle for draws easily.  That quality served him well recently, as he won the 2008 Spring Open (finshing on 04/25/2008), with 4.5 points out of five.  In his last-round draw with Larry Tamarkin (2020) he did not “crack,” although he had a good bit less time remaining than Larry, with about 45 minutes left in the game.

Eventually, Ricardo had a Queen and far-advanced Passed Pawn to Larry’s Rook and two far-advanced connected Passed Pawns.  This time Ricardo took the draw, as it guaranteed him the $220 First Prize.

Mitchell Drobbin (1945) made a judicious Exchange sacrifice against Tony Lorenzo (1912) in Round 5, and subsequently developed a strong attack on the light squares.  Ultimately, this brought home the point, and the clear Second Prize of $110.

As for the Class A winners ($100 to first, $50 to second), the combined total of $150 was shared equally by Andrew Ryba (1935), Club Secretary Jay Kleinman (1888), and Nicholas Ryba (1855).  Each player scored 3.5 points out of a possible five.

With a final tally of three points, the $100 Class B prize was garnered by Mulazim (“Doc”) Muwwakkil (1791).  This occurred when the “chess gods” (or Caissa?) favored him with a last-round win over Steven Chernick (1571).  Steve lost a critical Passed Pawn in time pressure (and what looked to me to be a “finger-fehler,” as well). which hastened his “chessic demise” in the game.  He might well have earned a victory without that sudden misfortune.

The $100 Class C Prize was won by Frank Drazil (1563), with a final score of three points.  Although Frank lost to Vice President and Webmaster Brian Lawson (2012) and Mitch Drobbin, he did defeat Ken Cruz (1815) in the penultimate round, in rather impressive fashion.

Finally, the $65 Prize for those in Class D and Below was won by Philip Mathew (1360), with a concluding score of two points.  It seems to me that Philip continues to just outplay his rivals in his own rating category.

The 5-SS, 30/75 and SD/60 event was directed (as usual) by Chief TD Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber.  A total of 34 players participated in the event —– which featured the now- customary “last-minute” pairing changes!  I would like to thank Ed Frumkin for his great patience in working on (and re-working) the pairings, sometimes several times prior to the commencement of each round.

(Report By President and Treasurer Joe Felber)    

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