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What? No Jay Bonin at the Queens Chess Club?!

by on March 14, 2008

International Master Jay Bonin, a Queens resident once again, wins most of the slow events at the Queens Chess Club (located in Jamaica, NY).  But for the Queens CC Late Winter Open (02/22/08- 03/14/08, inclusive), he gave some his friends a break by actually NOT participating!

That left the “door open” to the four Experts and five 1900+ players, to battle for the three place prizes of $140- $80- $60.

When the “smoke had cleared,” Chief TD Ed Frumkin (2000), had  amassed 3.5 out of four points, thus taking the $140 first prize by himself,  His tournament victory was  thanks largely to a model attack, in a Pelikan/ Sveshnikov Sicilian, vs. Tony Lorenzo (1912).  And this came from a longtime devotee of the English Opening!

The combined second and third prizes of $140 were divided evenly among Arunas Simonaitis (1976), Bill Arluck (1961), and Andrew Ryba (1938).  Each player scored three points in the event.

The top 1500- 1899 prize of $50 was distributed in a four-way tie, among Sundara Swaminathan (1851), Nicholas Ruba (1842), Hyunseung Yang (1621), and Frank Drazil (1563).  All four players in this prize group scored 2.5 points out of four.

Finally, the top Under- 1500 / Unrated prize of $45 was split by Philip Mathew (1331) and Marcus Francis (1105).  Each of these players finished with two points in the event.

As usual, Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed the 26- player, four- round Swiss system event.  The time control for slow events at the Queens Chess Club remains 30/75, followed by SD / 60.   This is necessary so that tournament games, which commence at 8PM on Fridays, will conclude by no later than about 12:30AM on the following Saturday morning.

(Report by President / Treasurer Joe Felber) 


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