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Same Old, Same Old!! Bonin Takes Queens Winter Open

by on February 1, 2008

From January 4 to February 1, 34 players and longstanding houseman Paul Drazil started 2008 for the Queens Chess Club at the Winter Open.  Radu Olaru (1749) returned to the wars after a five year hiatus, as did Ana Bottazzi (718) after a shorter one, so naturally they were paired with each other in Round 1.  There were no upsets in that round, as the cut line saw Paul Denig (1720) taking his habitual goose egg courtesy of IM Jay Bonin (2411).  Arunas Simonaitis (1982), Antonio Lorenzo (1912) and Ken Cruz (1803) joined up in Round 2 and Zoltan Sugar (1718) in Round 3.

Round 2 saw a couple of draws (Mitch Drobbin (1933)-Larry Tamarkin (2017) and Nicholas Ryba (1842)-Ed Frumkin (2013)) as well as two surprises (Brian Lawson (2020)-Mulazim (Doc) Muwwakkil (1819) and Frank Drazil (1563)-Marcus Francis (1105)), both wins for Black.

Although there were four 2-0 scores, Joe Felber (2016) was knocked out from Thursday to Saturday in week 3 with some whopper of a virus and took a bye; after Bonin toppled Andrew Ryba (1938) and Ricardo Perez Billinghurst (2161)(Round 2 bye) defeated Muwwakkil, Jay had the last perfect score.  Tamarkin and Drobbin stayed in the race with wins from Simonaitis and Frumkin, respectively.  Steve Chernick (1538) and Brad Rice (1499) joined the upset game with wins from Cruz and Denig.

Denig went down again to Philip Mathew (1368) in Round 4 and Frumkin fell to Olaru.  Bonin came back to the field with a draw against Perez Billinghurst, while Tamarkin and Felber defeated Nicholas Ryba and Drobbin.

The last round saw Bonin beat Felber and Tamarkin draw with Perez Billinghurst, so Jay took first prize of $240 and Larry shared the next two prizes with Muwwakkil, who defeated Sundara Swaminathan (1807), so Larry and Doc ended up with $100 each.  The next two spots divided $120 five ways and Joe threw in an extra $5: Perez Billinghurst, Lawson, Felber, Andrew Ryba and Drobbin ended up with $25 each, all with 3½ .  The 1500-1799 prizes of $80 and $40 went $40 each to Olaru, Sugar and Rich Ziet (1712) with 2½ apiece.  The under 1500 top prize of $80 went to Santa Calderon at 2½ with a big win from (you guessed it) Paul Denig; Rice and Mathew took $20 each with 2-3 scores.

Ed Frumkin directed, with assistance from Joe Felber and Larry Tamarkin.
(Ed Frumkin)


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