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IM Bonin Smoothly Captures Queens September Game/45

by on September 14, 2007

International Master Jay Bonin (2445) scored 3.5 out of four, to win the latest Game / 45 event held at the Club.  The 4-SS 11 player tournament was held at the usual playing site of the Margaret Tietz Nursing Center in Jamaica, NY, on 09/07/2007 and 09/14/2007.

Bonin won the $80 first prize, while the $40 second prize was split between President/ Treasurer Joe Felber (2017) and Andrew Ryba (1929).

Felber was so engrossed in his short Round 4 game vs. Bonin, that he was surprised when Jay offered him a draw to “lock up” first.  Looks like Joe needs to pay a little closer attention to the competitivei conditions of an event these days!

Felber and Andrew Ryba each finished with three points out of four.

Hyunseung Yang (1622) and Paul Denig (1598) eacj score two points out of four, to split the $40 Under 1800 prize.

Young Mr. Yang missed an attacking plan in Round 3 that, if it would not have won outright, surely would have made Joe sweat!  This occurred when Yang was vigorously playing the Black side of an Accelerated Dragon Sicilian.

He is currently studying to take the Certification Exam for USCF Local Tournament Director.

The entry fee was $20, which is typical for Game 45’s at the Queens Chess Club.

The tournament was directed by Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber, for the Club.

(End of Report — By Club President and Treasurer Joe Felber)


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