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IM Jay Bonin Victorious in Queens 2007 August Open

by on August 31, 2007

With a score of 4.5 out of five, International Master Jay Bonin (2360) won the 2007 version of the Queens Chess Club’s usual August Open.  This year’s 5-SS, 30/75 28-player event  was held from 08/03/2007 to 08/31/2007 (inclusive) at the usual playing site.

Jay took home $150 for his efforts.

With most of the usual Club Experts taking part in the concurrent FIDE Futurity,  only Larry Tamarkin (2088) and Joe Felber (2011) participated, in the Expert rating category.  Tamarkin scored four out of five, to win the $75 second place prize.

Also with four out of five was Richard Ziet (1627). who thereby won the Under 1800 prize of $95.  Unfortunately, Ziet’s opponent for Round 5 forfeited without notice, essentially creating a skewed prize distribution.  Also, such inconsiderate behavior by the offender wrecks the competitive integrity of the event,  and is inherently unfair to all the oither players in the tournament.

The offender will be assessed a fine before he is allowed to play in any future events at the Queens Chess Club!

On a happier note, Neal Bellon (1636) scored 3.5 out of five, and won the $90 Under 1700 prize.  His tournament was clearly highlighted by a powerful attacking victory over Tamarkin, in Round 2.

Paul Denig (1598) scored either 2.5 or 3 points, to win the $85 Under 1600 prize.

John Fusto (1470) started the event off slowly, with only a half-point bye in the first two rounds.  But he then fought back bravely, and eventually won the Under 1500 prize of $80.

The Club’s business meeting will be held on 09/28/2007, when the Annual Election of Club Officers will take place.   One of the chief topics of discussion will be what to do about forfeits without notice.  Such a discussion is needed, as the subject has caused problems at the Club for the last 12 months or so.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed the August Open, for the Club.

(End of Report —- By Club President / Treasurer Joe Felber)


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