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Bonin Victorious in 67th Queens CC Speedy Open

by on February 9, 2007

International Master Jay Bonin, with a USCF Quick rating of 2332, won the 12 player, 4-SS, G/15 67th Speedy Open, with a score of 3.5 out of 4. For his efforts, the veteran of the NYC Metro Area chess “trenches” took home the $50 first prize (the entry fee for the event was $10).

This Quick Chess event was held on 02/09/2007, at the Queens Chess Club, which is located at the Margaret Tietz Center in Jamaica, NY.

Winning the $25 second prize, with a score of 3 out of 4, was Larry Tamarkin (2085).  When Jay offered Larry a draw in Round Four to clinch first prize, Larry decided to accept rather than press the issue.

The Under 1800 prize of $25 was split evenly (and rounded up to $13 each)  by Club stalwart Mitch Drobbin (1767) and relative newcomer Hyunseung Yang (1317).  Young Mr. Yang is a friend of the Ryba brothers, and we now welcome him in writing to the Club!

The tournament was directed by Club President Joe Felber, but with the able assistance (where needed) of Chief Tournament Director Ed Frumkin (who decided to play this time!).

Upcoming events at the Queens Chess Club include a lecture by International Master Danny Kopec on 02/16/2007, which is free of an admission charge to attendees.  Then on Friday, 02/23/2007, the 5-SS, 30/75 and SD/60 Late Winter Open will commence.  Further details on this event may be found in CHESS LIFE.

(Report by Queens CC President Joe Felber)

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