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Bellon and Sugar Victorious in Summer Open

by on September 1, 2006

With the Club Experts and Class A players participating in the concurrent 9th Queens CC Futurity, the 2006 Summer Open was won by Neal Bellon (1603) and Zoltan Sugar (1747). Each player scored four points out of five, and so they split the combined total of the $120 first prize and $60 second prize (or $90 each). The 5-SS, 30/75, 17-player event was held at the Club between 08/04/2006 and 09/01/ 2006 (inclusive). The $60 prize for the best score in the 1426- 1600 rating category was won by Richard Ziet (1499), who finished with a score of three points out of five. Doing a bit better was Guy Rawlins (1374), who defeated Suriyan Nathan (1426) in somewhat surprising fashion in the final round. Finshing with 3.5 points out of five, Guy won the $60 prize for the best score in the rating category Under 1426 and Unrated. Deserving honorable mention with three out of five were the young Bryant twins, Jehron (1399) and Nigel ((1391)—- we hope to see them for many more events at the Club! The tournament was jointly directed by Chief TD/ VP Ed Frumkin and Club President Joe Felber.


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