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Guevara and Viera Victors in 65th Speedy Open

by on June 30, 2006

Robert Guevara, with a June 2006 Quick rating of 1835, and Jeffren Viera (1740 Q) shared first and second place in the 65th Speedy Open — each scored three points out of four, and won $22.50 for his efforts.

The six-player Game/15 4-SS event (with a $10 EF) was held on June 30th at the Club, and was played under the Quick Chess rules of the U.S. Chess Federation.

Taking the third-place prize of $5 (so we like players to come back!) was Mitch Drobbin (1806Q), with a final score of 2.5 points out of a possible four.

This time there were no late “stragglers” seeking to play, so the “chess festivities” got underway fairly promptly at 8PM.  This writer suspects that the turnout was so low, because a number of the Club “regulars” were either at the World Open or  were watching the Mets- Yankees game!

Rob  Guevara was leading the event 3-0 going into the last round, but then he lost a tough battle against co-winner Jeffren Viera.  The latter player suffered a sudden defeat against Club President and TD Joe Felber in Round 1, but then fought back admirably to win his last three contests.

The other two players in the event were the Ryba brothers, who played their usual enterprising brand of chess.  Nicholas finished with 1.5 out of four, and Andrew and TD Joe Felber “brought up the rear” with one point out of four.

As I often state here, congratulations to all the prizewinners, and best of luck next time to the non-prizewinners!

(End of Report)   ——    Report by Club President Joe Felber

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