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2006 Queens Team Championship Results

by on June 23, 2006

Here are the winners of the 2006 Queens Team Championship:

1st-2nd (tie)   “Keresmatic Combo” (Frumkin-Simonaitis),

“Prognosis:Terminal” (Guevara-Muwwakkil),

“The Greatest Name” (Drobbin-A Ryba),

“Morphy’s Mate” (R Murphy-Lorenzo), all 2½-1½

U 1700 (tie)   “Triborough Team” (Frawley-Boim),

“Rawlin’ to Victory” (Chernick-Rawlins),

“Queens Jr/Sr Champs” (N Ryba-Francis), all 1½-2½

Board 1          R Murphy 3½-½

Board 2          Simonaitis 3½-½

10 paid teams, June 2-23

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