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6th Queens Team Championship – (Almost) Everybody Wins

by on June 2, 2006

It’s difficult to say which was more chaotic, the start of this tournament or its conclusion!!

The afternoon of June 2 was characterized by extreme thunderstorms and heavy rains.  The cancellation of the Giants-Mets game two hours before game time should have given us an inkling: most of the subway lines were flooded and several players couldn’t get out of Manhattan for hours.  TD Ed Frumkin gave up after two hours of trying and called the Tietz Center around 7:30.  Joe Felber started the tournament with four teams and without his own, as his prospective teammate Jim Frawley didn’t get to the club until nearly 9.  The first four teams were Rob Guevara (2085) and Mulazim Muwwakkil (1817), subsequently known as “Prognosis:Terminal (Muwwakkil’s nickname is “Doc”)”, Mitch Drobbin (1984) and Andrew Ryba (1760), subsequently “The Greatest Name”, Kenneth Cruz (1763) and Zoltan Sugar (1726), subsequently “Sugar Time”, and Nicholas Ryba (1678) and Marcus Francis (1243), subsequently “Queens Junior/Senior Champs”.  The tournament was designed for four rounds for two player teams with ratings totaling under 4000, to offer two team place prizes, one under 3400 team prize, and a top prize on Board 1 and Board 2.  The prizes were based on ten teams, so four was quite an initial disappointment.  Dick Murphy (1910) and Antonio Lorenzo (1800) were already entered with a Round 1 bye “Morphy’s Mate” and the trains stranded Frumkin (2026), postponing his hookup with Arunas Simonaitis (1921) as “Keresmatic Combo”.  The house team of Frank (1537) and Paul Drazil (575), “Czechmates”, managed to show up.  If Joe had paired himself and Jim with them, we might have had a very different tournament.  As a result of the weather disaster, two half point byes were permitted instead of one, as Frawley was already committed to a Round 3 bye to play in the National Open.  Andy Bauer (1621) had also come but had no partner.

Prognosis:Terminal drew its match with Sugar Time, both wins coming with Black (Guevara and Sugar) and The Greatest Name swept Queens Junior/Senior Champs.  Before Round 2, Ed Frumkin went into serious recruiting mode; hooking up Felber (2000) with Bauer (“Senior Moments”), Frawley (1602) with Sherman Boim (1530), who was also going to the National Open (“Triborough Team”), and Steve Chernick (1644) with Guy Rawlins (1346) (“Rawlin’ to Victory”) to get to nine paid teams.  As a result, the pairings were The Greatest Name vs. Keresmatic Combo (Drobbin-Frumkin a draw, Simonaitis-A Ryba a fine swindle by White), Prognosis:Terminal vs. Triborough Team a sweep for P:T, Morphy’s Mate vs. Sugar Time went 1½-½ to M’s M (Murphy win, Sugar-Lorenzo a draw), Rawlin’ to Victory vs. Senior Moments a surprising draw thanks to Chernick’s upset win over Felber, and Czechmates vs. Queens Jr/Sr Champs a draw with White winning both F Drazil-N Ryba and Francis-P Drazil.  Now three teams were at 1½-½ (Keresmatic Combo, Prognosis:Terminal and Morphy’s Mate), three at 1-1 and 4 at ½-1½.  With the Table 1 pairing of Keresmatic Combo-Prognosis:Terminal coming up, a new problem was to replace P:T’s Guevara on Board 1, as he was going to Vegas, too!  He was given a list of players and phone #s with ratings between his and his partner’s and recruited Brian Lawson (2000).  Frumkin couldn’t take any further initiative in the selection since the recruit would have Black against him!!  To make things more interesting, Guy Rawlins recruited one more team, Steve Mitlitzky (1912), coming off a near 20 year hiatus, and Jeffren Viera (1872), becoming “Viera Team”.

Round 3 pairings were: Keresmatic Combo-Prognosis:Terminal (drawn with both wins by Black),

Viera Team-Morphy’s Mate (drawn with both wins by Black), Senior Moments-The Greatest Name (drawn with both wins by White), Queens Jr/Sr Champs-Rawlin’ to Victory (drawn with both wins by White) and Sugar Time-Czechmates, a sweep for Sugar Time.  As a result there was very little net change, with the same three leaders now at 2-1, five teams at 1½-1½ , two at 1-2, and the house team at ½ -2½.  With ten paid teams, the intended prize fund of $100-$50, $60 under 3400, $60 each top Board 1 and Board 2 was now met.  Morphy’s Mate-Keresmatic Combo was drawn with both wins by White, Prognosis:Terminal-Viera Team was drawn with both wins by White, The Greatest Name-Rawlin’ to Victory came out 1½-½ with a nice save by Rawlins to avoid a sweep, Senior Moments-Sugar Time was a surprise draw when house man Frank Drazil mated Andy Bauer when Andy could have allowed a perpetual instead, and Triborough Team-Queens Jr/Sr Champs was drawn with both wins by Black.

Four teams had 2½-1½ scores: Keresmatic Combo, Prognosis:Terminal, The Greatest Name and Morphy’s Mate.  In the interest of easier prize distribution, $10 was added to the prize fund to give $40 to each team.  The U3400 prize was divided by all three teams in that category, Triborough Team, Rawlin’ to Victory and Queens Jr/Sr Champs, all with 1½ -2½.  Dick Murphy of Morphy’s Mate took the Board 1 prize with 3½-½, a Round 1 bye followed by three wins; Arunas Simonaitis of Keresmatic Combo pulled the same maneuver on Board 2.

Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed.  A total of 23 players participated and 14 won a prize.


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